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Organizational Change Essay

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Organizational Change Plan
Marnelle Paul
HCS 587
Professor: Virginia Weatherston

Many health care organizations in New York, including Long Island are moving toward the continued growth of improved documentations and communication. It is a big change of moving from paper-based nursing documentation to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) as required by the department of Health law that documentation of nursing intervention be done appropriately, and the care given be evaluated accordingly to improve the quality of care that nurses are rendered. This proposed change that is selected is designed for a long term care facility in Syosset, Long Island, with the vision to maintain ...view middle of the document...

It is estimated that about 45,000 people living in the United States of America die every year because of medication errors that could of have been prevented with the use of EMR (Richard, 2009). When the charts are hand written and the doctor’s orders are illegible, it creates rooms for errors and the administration of incorrect treatment. With the EMR system, all entries are typewritten reducing the risk for errors. The facility can also benefit from the EMR services to prevent the missing of charts and important documentation papers that can be easily left in fax machines or copiers.
Some of the organizational barriers to the change are the unclear goals and inefficient leadership strategies. Leaders often don’t use the right communication strategies to get the employees involved in the change (Spector, 2010). The organization leaders must use the right approach to handle the individual barriers. Spector, (2012) suggests that a plan of action be well defined with a specific goal to achieve while providing a succinct statement of vision with a detailed rational for the projected change (p.10). The acceptance of a new change depends on the personality of individuals, demographics, and ability to manage barriers (Whittaker, Aufdenkamp, & Tinley, 2009). Some employees of the facility would be resistant to the change because of their demographic status, and their inability to grasp the change. Spector, (2010) states that not all employees welcome change with the same enthusiasm (p. 9). The older nurses in particular, with the fear of change, are not willing to live their comfort zone and learn a new system. They would be very resistant to the change. Another very significant barrier the facility can face to the proposed change is the financial cost involved not only to implement the system, but also to keep its maintenance. It would cost money to purchase the equipments and also to give training to the staff.
One of the factors that may influence the implementation of the change is the ability to save millions of dollars in lawsuit. The system also allows access to the patient’s medical record, and allows physicians and other health care professionals to have access to lab results and information about medication. Having employee to participate in the change, and having them to have a trusting relationship with management by keeping an open communication are strong factors affecting the change. The most crucial factor that may influence the change is the effectiveness of the EMR with the possibility of crashing. Therefore, it is recommended that a backup electronic filing system be in place (Richard, 2009).
A well organized project manager would help ensure the effectiveness of the change, and work with the team to overcome any factors that could influence its readiness. To be successful, the team would have to plan, implement, test, educate, and get feedback of the plans. From expressing themselves, managers could detect any fear or...

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