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Organizational Behaviour Trends Essay

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There are many trends in organizational behavior today. Two of these trends are the impact of technology on work-related stress and the influence of ethics on decision-making. Both of these trends can cause or alleviate stress in the workplace if not handled correctly. Ethical decision making can help to alleviate stress if people make their decisions looking at all aspects of the question and not just what they want to have happen. Using technology to its full extent while alleviating the stress it sometimes causes are problems that we are still trying to work through in the modern day workplace.Ethics can cause stress in decision making when you do not take the other person's feelings or ...view middle of the document...

This is one way technology causes increased stress in my organization.Technology can be a stress reliever in many ways. Looking back on the days of carbon paper and typewriters make copy machines look like a miracle. With the advent of computers, people can now type in a document, save it, edit it later on when the situation changes and print it out as needed without having to retype the document in again or worry about whether the carbon paper is getting too thin. With the computer age we can now just type up a paper and have it spell checked and edited without erasing. We can make as many copies as needed and save the file to be used anytime needed. We can use computer programs to help us do many tasks at work and thus save a lot of time and energy, and as long as our systems are backed up we can do this with minimal stress.As you can see, the trends of ethical decision making and technology can both be helpful in the workplace but can also cause a great deal of stress if not used wisely. If decisions...

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