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Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Q) From an emotional labour perspective, how does dealing with an abusive customer lead to stress and burnout? Dealing with day to day complaints is really a hard-hitting job, for a short period of time a person can preserve the patience but later it may lead to exhaustion. As the examples are already given in the case about few customer service representatives who had the effect of their stressful job in their personal lives. Some customers think that the representatives at customer service centre are not human beings and they start to abuse them very badly as if its their fault. The representatives also have emotions and they also do feel, dealing with complaints daily also hits the mind of the representatives and that may lead to exhaustion and a lot of anxiety. That results in anger at home, being rude towards ...view middle of the document...

I would have chosen a happy , relaxed and carefree person who do not take professional matters so personally as others. A person with more practical approach and with no sensitive feelings, must be chosen. Person who could calm down and make...

Dealing with abusive customers can lead to stress and burnout very quickly.   When you have someone constantly everyday verbally abusing you it can take a toll on your mind and emotions.   This usually happens because all of your anger just stays bottled up inside, since most customer service companies make you stay positive.   With automated telephone systems that create a labyrinth for customers, result in long hold times, and make it difficult for them to speak to an actual human being, a customer’s frustration often settles in before the representative has had time to say “hello” (Robbins 2007, p.291).   This is why most of the time you will get angry customers.
As a recruiter for a customer-service call center, I would prefer to hire people with an excellent
sense of humor and strong emotions.   Having a great sense of humor and strong emotions can possible allow you to take more heat and verbal abuse from customers without getting upset.   If you have people that get upset very easy or their feelings hurt very easy, the employee would be arguing with the customer or possibly always crying or very emotional.   If your employee has a lot of other bad things or stress going on in his or her life, this may also not allow them to take too much customer abuse.
Emotional intelligence can play a large role in responding with abusive customers.   If you know how to read emotions or manage emotional cues you may be able to calm a customer down or make them seem you are on their level.   If you as an employee can keep calm and hold back your emotions in certain situations, it could benefit you as well.   Being able to keep calm could cause you a lot less stress and maybe you could calm heated situations down.
Companies should brief their employees and run them...

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