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Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Organizational behavior as a concept is broad and refers to the study of individual and group activities which take place in an organization setting and reflect the nature of that organization. The subject is becoming more and more popular as people with diverse backgrounds and cultural values have to work together effectively and efficiently. Organizational behavior seeks to emphasize the understanding of behavior competencies in order to have an insight into how people are likely to behave as this knowledge is essential in controlling these behaviors and ensuring they are befitting to the achievement of organizational objectives.
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Herzberg’s (2003) motivation-hygiene theory identifies intrinsic motivators (e.g. achievement, recognition, the work itself) and hygiene factors which tend to be extrinsic factors (e.g. company administration, supervision, salary).

Herzberg’s view is that these motivators lead to job satisfaction because they satisfy an individual’s need for self-actualisation (Maslow, 1954; Tietjen and Myers, 1998).
According to Gayle, Avery and Harald (2011) research and observations in over 50 firms around the world, including in many listed corporations, suggest that sustainable leadership requires taking a long-term perspective in making decisions; fostering systemic innovation aimed at increasing customer value; developing a skilled, loyal and highly engaged workforce; and offering quality products, services and solutions.
From the work of Pettigrew (1985), organizational change capacity is the ability of the company to produce solutions (content) that respond to environmental evolution (external context) and/or organizational evolution (internal context) and to implement these change processes successfully within the company (process)
In a second instance, Richard s., (2011) considers that the change capacity is the ability of the company to produce matching outcomes (content) for environmental (external context) and/or organizational (internal context) evolution, either by reacting to the changes (adaptation) or by instituting them (pro-action) and implementing the transition brought about by these changes (process) in the heart of the company.

Organizational Culture of wings cafe
Culture is an observable, powerful force in any organization and it is made up of its members’ shared values, beliefs, symbols and behaviors. Culture guides individual decisions and actions at the unconscious level.
As a result, it can have a potent effect on a company’s wellbeing and success.
Wings café tend to have a very strong culture of team work and good communication within its staffs as they are readily available to assist one another making their job of attending to customers easy and fast.

Expectations on how it should be managed in terms of culture
It’s also important to note that within a company, culture is not uniform. Various subcultures will exist in departments or teams some even contradicting the overall organization’s culture.
By looking at the culture and subculture existing in wings café, managers should carry out meaningful cultural assessment and try and resolve complex and often competing issues if any exists or arises, with creative constructive solutions that would benefit staffs, make the workplace harmonious, friendly and which would on the long run improve business performance. Since culture create a common ground for staffs, the management of wings café should create a common ground for team members by providing s sense of order so that all team members know what is expected of them as this contributes to a sense of...

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