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Organizational Behavior Trends Essay

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IntroductionAn organization's atmosphere has a powerful influence on its organizational behavior; trends build from this behavior is what helps or hinders an organization from accomplishing their strategic objectives. This paper will look at two trends and their influences on the organizational behavior. The two trends are the influence of ethics on decision making, and the impact of technology on work-related stress.Influence of Ethical Decision Making"Ethical decisions consider the short-term and long-term interest of the organization and its members…contributing to progress, growth, and success" (Deblieux, 1995, p.3). There are three criterions which need to be considered before an ...view middle of the document...

A good scenario is that in a multicultural department an organizational cannot favor one ethic group over another. All hiring, firing and promoting should be based on skills or lack of skills.The third criterion focuses on justice. "The justice view considers behavior to be ethical when it is fair and impartial in the treatment of people. It is based on the concept of equitable treatment for all concerned" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, 2005). An example of this is a complaint that is filed against an associate that was overheard making derogatory remarks about a specific religion; it is up to the organization to listen to both sides of the story before taking action.Ethics influences impact just about every decision made by an organization. It is vital the every organization has a program in place to allow for the reporting of unethically behavior or decision that has taken place. Just as vital is the need for programs that are intended to implant ethical behavior in all associates; this is a tool used to prevent unethical behavior. An organization's standards and principles values are key factors to their organizational behavior.Technology Stress"Technology in the workforce has resulted in "techno stress" among workers" (Aftab, n.d.). Human resource managers claim that study after study shows that technology in the workplace increases productivity but both employees and employer are constantly complaining about the overload of cyber communication (Aftab, n.d.). Today's technology does not present the time saving aspect which was evident when the typewriter was obsolete with the introduction of the desktop computer. Actually the reverse has happened with the accessibility brought on by email, voicemail, cellular phones, laptop, and personal digital assistant (PDA). These devises has increased the need for more information faster and faster which in-turn feeds the need for others to want that same information to be transferred to them faster than one can retrieve it. This work overload...

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