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Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts Essay

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This is a GROUP assignment. Your task is to form a group of 2 people. Following are the guidelines:

• This assignment is worth 45% of the total grade.
• Your name and matric number must be clearly typed on the COVER PAGE.
• Please check for spelling and grammatical errors.
• Submission of the assignment is DURING CLASS on the 7th WEEK.
• Late submission of the assignment is will be penalize.
• You are allowed to discuss with other groups BUT please make sure its ORIGINALITY. Should there be 2 or more groups submitted their assignments which are similar in every way or having shown some similarities, ...view middle of the document...

The second is for you to experience the group process firsthand as you work to achieve the outcomes assigned to your team.


OB Terminology Assignment

Select any FIVE (5) terminologies in Organizational Behavior (OB). Explain (definition, discussion) each terminology. Give ONE (1) example for each terminology. Each example must be in the context of organization, business or workplace.


The report must have the following standard layout:

|Terminology 1 |Explanation |Example |(Page 1) |
|Terminology 2 |Explanation |Example |(Page 2) |
|Terminology 3 |Explanation |Example |(Page 3) |
|Terminology 4 |Explanation |Example |(Page 4) |
|Terminology 5 |Explanation |Example |(Page 5) |

❑ You must include proper citation and references for each meaning of the terminology.
❑ For page layout, you may use Landscape orientation.
❑ Limit to only FIVE (5) pages.


Stress Takes Its Toll

Danial Adam had a lot of fun in high school. He was a fairly good student, especially in math, he worked harder than most of his friends, and somehow he ended up going steady with Alesa Haris, his classmate. He worked summers for a local surveyor, William Loudes, and when he graduated Mr. Loudes offered him a job as number-three man on one of his survey crews. The pay wasn’t very high, but Danial already was good at the work, and he believed all he needed was a steady job to boost his confidence to ask Alesa to marry him. Once he did, events unfolded rapidly. He started work in June, he and Alesa were married in October, Alesa took a job as a secretary in a local company that made business forms, and a year later they had their first child.

The baby came as something of a shock to Danial. He had come to enjoy the independence his own paycheck gave him every week. Food and rent took up most of it, but he still enjoyed playing futsal a few nights a week with his high school buddies and spending Sunday afternoons on the basketball field. When the baby came, however, Danial’s brow began to furrow a bit. He was only 23 years old, and he still wasn’t making much money. He asked Mr. Loudes for a raise and got it—his first.

Two months later, one of the crew chiefs quit just when Mr. Loudes’s crews had more work than they could handle. Mr. Loudes hated to turn down work, so he made Danial Adam a crew chief, giving his crew some of the old instruments that weren’t good enough for the precision work of the top...

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