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Organizational Behavior Terminolog And Concept Paper

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept Paper
MGT 307
August 23, 2010

University of Phoenix

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept Paper
With any type of organization that exist the most important asset they have are the people who work for them. It is important that employees understand certain key terminology when they are part of any organization. Terms such as organizational culture, organizational behavior, diversity, and communication are important that every employee understands because they can influence employees. Understanding each terminology and their concepts can help organizations and employees to accomplish a successful working environment ...view middle of the document...

Organizational behavior
Organizational behavior helps employees understand their behavior a little more and others in a company. It also contributes to a organizations success. “Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in organizations. It is an academic discipline devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics with the goal of improving the performance of organizations and the people in them” (Schermerhorn, Jr., Hunt, & Osborn, 2008, p. 5). The purpose of this terminology is to be focused in building a better relationship between employees. This can help an organization become stronger and improve employees performance. Organizational behavior (OB) recognizes that it is difficult to manage people and that there are multiple ways of managing. Learning about behavior can help one develop a better work-related understanding about oneself and others. OB knowledge can help any individual or organization become more successful in the current global economy.
The concept of diversity focuses on a broader set of qualities than just race and ethnicity. It also takes into consideration age, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation. Organizations that value diversity in the workplace create a working conditions that respects everyone and include others differences. In a diversity organization management values these differences of each employees and encourage each employee to fulfill his or her potential (Diversity, 2009, par 1). It also values the unique contributions that different individuals can offer. Many employers are aware that a diverse workforce can bring many benefits to any organization.

Communication is the way individuals share information, ideas, goals in an organization. Communication is a skill that employees will acquire when they interact with one another. Some people are born with the ability to be an effective communicator. However, there are others that must learn to communicate effectively. Individual’s ability to speak, listen, write, and understand are skills that people develop in different ways. People learn basic communications skills by observing others, through education, and by practicing those skills. At work employees may communicate orally, e-mail, telephone, or face to face. No matter which one employees choose he or she must always make sure that it is being done effectively. One of the most important components for successful interpersonal...

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