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Organizational Behavior Paper

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Personality Assessment

Organizational Behavior

Part 1.
Understanding own personality is definitely an important task. It is not easy to do for most people, but at the same time there is almost no chance of succeeding in life, no matter what particularly does a person hold under that, without at least trying to understand oneself. The main tool here is a constant assessment of your personality, its scales and traits, your behavior in different situations and under various circumstances. Analyzing these information and trying to learn from gained experience should produce a better understanding of what a person you are and what things in life are the most ...view middle of the document...

Being open to different new experiences helps it a lot. So I find my high score in openness to experience to be a positive sign and to fit well into the self-image I’m trying to achieve. Another scale that I score high on is conscientiousness. It is hard to argue with the fact that being competent, self-disciplined, deliberate and achievement-striving is very good for a professional in any field and for any person overall. Yet sometimes I find myself to be not as good in some conscientiousness measurements as I’d like to be. That’s why this part of my personality requires improvement and I’m trying to work on it. My medium and low scores on extraversion may be considered to be a weakness. And I agree that to some extent it is. I’m really often far from a gregarious person. My problem is that I’m finding it rather difficult to keep expressing warmth and positive emotions when I don’t like the group of people I’m surrounded by and the atmosphere which is created. At the same time, I had experienced no problems while communicating with the people I like. When people become my friends or acquaintances, we usually have no problems with communication or anything else. Anyway, being able to “wear a mask”, to be positive and to express emotions which you don’t really feel much is the skill that I definitely should work at.
The personality scales I discussed here seem rather neutral to me in the way that I don’t think they can sufficiently influence my career choice. The only thing, which looks to be pretty obvious, is the fact that I probably won’t look for a career implying constant communication with large amounts of customers or something like that.

Part 2.
On “Interpersonal effectiveness” scale of my Careerleader test I scored highest (100, 100 and 95 respectively) on Openness to Criticism, Empathy Skills and Self-Control. These means that I accept critical feedback without getting defensive; can see things from other people’s points of view; do not act or speak impulsively and do not easily lose composure. The next four skills, all scored 90, are Ability to Compromise, Listening Skills, Respect for Others and Comfort with Differences.
As for me, this is a part of assessment that I find hard to argue with. I really have those skills and find them good and useful to have. I...

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