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Organizational Behavior & Leadership Essay

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John Miller
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Leadership Concepts and Applications – RIT1
Competency 317.1.1: Behavioral Influences
The high level definition of expectancy is what managers expect from their employees. But as we look around in the world we live in today, expectancy goes even deeper than that. One definition of the expectancy theory that is used is, “That the strength of our tendency to act a certain way depends on the strength of our expectation of a given outcome and its attractiveness. (Victor Vroom)” (Robbins & Judge, 2013) When I read that at first, I really didn’t grasp what the definition really meant. But, as we ...view middle of the document...

The employee begins to feel that because there is really nothing in this for me so why should I even bother or excel in it. By using the effect-performance relationship you can address both the motivation and discouragement. One way that you could try using this method is job rotation. Job rotation is a motivation technique than can be employed when the job is no longer challenging. This will allow the employee the chance to be assigned to another responsibility at the same level of skill of their current job. This will also give the employee opportunities to see how the work they do at each job is tied together and how important each piece of the job is. It will also show how they contribute to the success of the company. Another way that an employee can be motivated is with job enlargement. This is where the company can increase the number and/or variety of tasks that an employee can perform. Not only does this give them more responsibility, but will also combat the boredom with the job. A third way to motivate an employee is job enrichment. This motivation technique gives the employee more freedom in the work that they are completing. With these techniques you can give the employee more independence and responsibility, a greater sense of achievement and growth, which in turn will increase the satisfaction in their job and will motivate them to meet production standards given.
There are times when an employee works hard and they believe because of that work there should be a reward but they do not receive one. As time goes by this can take away the motivation to perform their duty. The performance-reward relationship is important because it gives the employee a feeling of involvement and that they get to see rewards from the actions that they do.
There are a few ways we can use the performance-reward relationships to help motivated this type of worker. They are employee participation in management, employee representation participation and an employee quality board. Employee participation in management is where power is shared between employees and their superiors in decisions for the company. Employee representation participation gives the employee opportunities to be part of a board of representatives. Both of these give employees a feeling of worth in the company. It makes them feel that their input is important and they are not just a person who fills a desk. The employee quality board is where a group of employees have regular scheduled meetings to go over problems that are occurring, where they discuss and recommend ways to fix these issues. They also can suggest or even put in place actions to address the problems that they have identified. This not only gives the employee a sense of belonging, but it also shows that they have the power to change the company that they belong to.
Employees also need to feel appreciated and feel that they are needed. The reward-personal goal relationship is a reward system that companies can...

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