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Organizational Behavior: Kudler Foods Essay

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Organizational Behavior: Kudler Foods

Within all organizations, there is a very specific organic behavior that occurs. Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler’s) exhibits many different processes in the organization of the business. The following will present a review of Kudler’s to assess for current trends in the organization. The purpose of this analysis is to identify certain aspects of the company to assess if they need to be changed, the areas for analysis are as follows: the apparent organizational culture of Kudler’s, to breakdown the organizational structure, identify leadership styles, and identify environmental forces that will drive change with Kudler Fine Foods. ...view middle of the document...

Since customers of Kudler’s expect courteous and knowledgeable associates in order for employees undergo extensive training and have opportunities for further professional development. Keeping with loyalty, Kudler’s offers this training so that the customer will remain loyal and buy from Kudler’s. Additionally, regular workshops and product training is offered at each store. If an individual is hired into a supervisory role, additional workshops are offered in the areas of interviewing guidelines, motivating employees for performance, and interpersonal skills. This further illustrates the commitment that Kudler’s has to providing the club culture. By investing in employees, Kudler’s is creating a sense of loyalty in their employees, which will in turn, translate to the customers.
Organizational Structure
“Organizational structure is a formal system of relationships that determines lines of authority (who reports to whom) and the tasks assigned to individuals and units (who does what task and with which department)” (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002, p. 232). There are two dimensions of organizational structure: vertical and horizontal dimension, they are as follows:
1. vertical dimension: looks at who has the authority to make decisions.
2. horizontal dimension: looks at dividing the task to the appropriate departments and teams.
Both dimensions must coincide in order ensure success within a business.
Span of control is the critical feature of the vertical structure. It determines the number of managers and the number of levels of management necessary within an organization. Kudler’s is extensively vertically organized. Everything starts with Kathy Kudler, the President of the company, it is then broken down to the departments in the administration, it is further departmentalized to include all three stores, finally, there is extensive breakdown within the stores. In this respect, Kudler’s organizational hierarchy is centralized. Centralized organization means that all decisions come from one place and there is a clear delineation of power (Gomez-Meija & Balkin, 2002).
Horizontal organization implies that everything is on the same level. The horizontal dimension is apparent in the way that the stores are organized. Within each of the stores, there are four departments to serve the customer. Each of these departments is on a level field with the other, as opposed to the vertical structure of the business. For example, an employee of the produce deparment is no higher than an employee of the bakery. ...

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