Organizational Behavior (Effects Of Undercover Boss Tv Series)

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Definition of Organizational Behaviour:
Actions and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another and toward the organization as a whole, and its effect on the organization’s functioning and performance.
The Movie “Under Cover Boss” Baja fresh episode:
CBS TV series “Undercover Boss” squarely takes on the workforce reframe, “Executives don’t know what really goes on around here”, and follows executives as they assume front line jobs in their own companies to experience the good, bad and ugly of the day-to-day activities within their companies. This serves as a valuable, first-hand reminder for the executives of how difficult certain jobs are, how hard their people work, and how ...view middle of the document...

That particular lady manager brings few really workable business ideas to the table and he decides to implement them in his whole chain. He discovers in this way that when one start getting big, he gets stuck in his own office and keep on seeing numbers all day long and analyses only the superficial things. He understands that success is not about achievements and money, but its’ about relationship with parents, family, kids and people around you.
The executive cannot have the 360 degrees views from their offices or understand the workforce perspective hence they fail to ensure best practices which will translate into improved efficiency of the workforce. In fact, researchers have analysed the effect of power on perspective-taking and suggested that people in power are prone to dismiss or misunderstand the viewpoints of those who lack authority are not in direct contact. The idea of “Walking in another’s shoes” seems to be gathering favour as executives now understand the importance of staying close to their workforce as it provides an unfiltered finger on the workforce pulse, offers a clearer sense of what employees are doing with their time, what the little annoyances are that can grow big and also lets people know that boss is pretty accessible and interested in their work, and importantly he actually do care. When the management understands the importance of diversity, cultural...

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