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Organizational Behavior And Communication Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Communication: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is unlike any other airline when it comes to the culture set in place by the founders of the airline over forty years ago. Southwest airlines is based on three core values: humor, altruism, and the most famous of all, luv, which the airline still holds dear to this day. At a time when airline travel is overwhelming, Southwest airlines and its many employees continue to practice these core values and are proud of them.
Altruism is high on the list. According to Southwest airlines, the importance of people--caring for them and cherishing them--is a corporate value that begins at the top and trickles ...view middle of the document...

If the company were to communicate their values but not act on them, the culture at the airline would not exist to this day. The culture and values at Southwest and the way they are communicated is the reason why the airline received over one hundred thousand resumes from people last year hoping for their chance of working for such a great organization.
The company also encourages humor with its employees. They believe that humor is important and something that is encouraged. This allows the employees to put themselves into perspective and to let them know that they are part of the company and are highly valued. Having a sense of humor goes a long way, and in a time where there is much competition, going that extra mile with the passengers just might make the difference.

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