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Organizational Behavior Essay

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1. Background-----------------------------------------------------------------------
1.1 Job satisfaction-------------------------------------------------------------------
1.2 The relation between job satisfaction and career aspiration------
1.3 Kenneth J. Buhmeyer and Hurshell H. Hunt’s Study-------------------
2. Research-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.1 Job satisfaction-------------------------------------------------------------------
2.2 Career ...view middle of the document...

Generally, employees’ level of career aspirations is lower than managers’. For ordinary employees, most of their lower-order needs have not been satisfied. Thus, a great number of employees are still chasing the lower-order needs. While from the angle of managers, achieving the self-actualization is the most important part of their career aspiration because most managers are respected, capable, powerful and wealthy, their low-order needs and basic higher-order needs have substantially been achieved.

1.3 Kenneth J. Buhmeyer and Hurshell H. Hunt"s Study
During our research, we found an important study result about the link between job satisfaction and aspiration which was conducted by Kenneth J. Buhmeyer and Hurshell H. Hunt. They conducted a survey on 39 faculty members, used rigorous statistic method to collect, calculate and analyze the data from the survey. After a series of analysis, they got a linear coefficient (r=-0.46). In the end, according to the linear coefficient (r=-0.46), they drew a conclusion that there is a negative relationship (which refers to the correlation that a variable increases will lead another variable to decrease) between perceived job satisfaction and aspiration. In detailed, they found that if individuals were more satisfied, they would have narrower ranges of aspirations.
Comparing the study result with Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, we find that they support each other to a large extent. Assuming that a less satisfied employee has satisfaction of physiological, safety and social needs, and then he may have aspirations of esteem and self-actualization needs. After this, let's assume that a more satisfied manager has already had satisfactions of physiological, safety, social and esteem needs; he may only have aspiration of self-actualization.
Thus, it's obvious that more satisfied managers actually have narrower ranges of aspirations than the less satisfied employees.

2. Research
2.1 Job satisfaction
In order to do the comparison between employees and managers, we did a research. We conducted a survey and we have 48 feedbacks. Among these 48 respondents, half of them are employees, and the other half are managers. Most of them work in some big companies, while some of them work in local small firms.
The questions are divided into 2 parts, the first part is about job satisfaction, and the other part is about career aspiration. In the first part, we raise three questions related to job satisfaction. The first question is to measure the degree of job satisfaction of the respondents. Therefore we asked “Are you satisfied with your job?” We gave 5 answers in a scale from “highly satisfied” to “highly dissatisfied”. The result shows that as for employees, a quarter of them selected “highly satisfied”, and 34% of them chose “satisfied”. Only 8% chose “dissatisfied”, and none of them chose “highly dissatisfied”. As for managers, half of them selected “satisfied”, and the other half chose “highly...

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