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Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior
Discussion Posting 4
Boubacary Sogoba
Spring 2013
Instructor: Sukumar C. Debnath

Application of job characteristics theory in course analysis
Part A: Analysis of a course with high motivation
My motivation in one my course during my academic process was very high. I assign 98 out of 100 score to myself. This course required a previous knowledge in some of business courses in general and finances in particular. The course was a face to face class, but it was a requirement to take a pre-requisite class before being able to register for this particular class for different reasons.
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To do so we needed to collect data, analyze them and make a recommendation and conclusion.
Task significance: Another reason for me to be highly motivated in this class was the satisfaction, pride, related to achievement. Assignment in this class was offering more than values to students. The case discussions, financial performance analysis given this class definitely demonstrate that the knowledge and skills acquired are worthwhile and have utility value refer to our future goals. In the discussion question part of the course we were required to apply the knowledge or skills acquired during the course to explain current business, finance and economic or other relevant events. We were highly convinced that the knowledge and skills gained from the course can contribute significantly to our immediate goals.
Autonomy: The other reason for being highly motivated in that class was due to flexibility given by instructor regarding term paper, the choice of topic to present, the exam time availability and so on. It was made comfortable for all the students to select whatever topic related to the subject as your term project paper. The exam was also available during a week window time which gave more flexibility to students to decide when they want to take their exam and submit before the deadline. This gave those who were working full time and going to school at the same time to take their exam on their day off. The autonomy and the freedom given in the class to choose your partner was another motivating factors
Feedback and evaluation: Finally, the method used by the instructor to evaluate each person work was very encouraging. This method was private and designated to communicate information to students about their competencies. This instant method was a mean to inform students how they can improve their performance but not the social comparison between students. The timely and frequent feedback by the instructor was increasing student’s engagement and desire for challenging tasks and to emphasize learning and efforts. Another cause of motivation in this class was the positive or negative feedback received from the instructor in a noncritical, autonomy-supportive way in order to encourage students to highly perform in the class. We were also receiving an extra bonus points every times you do really well in one the assignment. This was a mean to communicate or symbolize students’ accomplishment.
Part B: Analysis of a course providing low motivation
I have never been as un-motivated as my first semester at graduate school. This lack of motivation was due to one of my class that I have to take at my first semester. My level of motivation was as low as 40 out of 100. This management class was a face to face class and we had to meet once every week.
My low level of motivation was due to many factors. Some of them were related to the course design itself and others to my personal perception and belief.
Task variety: The primary concern was the lack...

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