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Organizational Analysis

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Graduate School

Course Requirement

August 25,2014 Prof. Chantal Acayen
Topic: Elisse Enterprise : Organization analysis and relation to TQM

Please answer the following questions based on your observations in the organization that we visited last Saturday, August 16, 2014:

Describe the Organization and its Retail Trade Area (RTA)

Marikina has been known to be the shoe capital of the Philippines but because of declining seasoned shoemakers that passed the skill from generation to generation, the shoemaking industry decreased in amount. Thanks to promising entrepreneur like Ms. ...view middle of the document...

Pattern making – is the first step in shoe making. This area creates the cuts/patterns of a specific shoe sample. It has a Hydraulic Padlock that cuts the said patterns. This is where most of the scrap leather are found.
2. Upper making – the part where all the top portion of the shoes are made. A lot of sewing is being done in this area. Most of the makers in this area are female.
3. Sewing – mostly, in this area the sewing part of the sandals are made.
4. Shoemaking – This is the most important part of the shoemaking process. This determines and finishes the sole part of the shoemaking process. If there was an error made on this part, the said shoe will not be comfortable to wear. It connects the upper portion of the shoe to its sole or it base.
5. Sewing – last sewing activities are done in this area.
6. Finishing – final designs are done before it reaches the last part.
7. Quality Control – the last process wherein a team of workers check for possible defects on the shoes before it is packed for the client.
The company has 36 workers who are divided to do the said phases. They are skilled workers of a particular step only. They can be rotated to a different department but it will take a longer time for them to finish because they are not cross trained to do the said task.

Mode of payment
Elisse Enterprise only accepts cash or checque. They give 15 to 30 days credit terms for regular clients.

Discuss the TOWS of the organization and explain each.
Young entrepreneurial owner - Ms Monica Edulan is the young owner of this shoemaking business . At the very young age she has been a key player to establish on of the top 20 shoemakers in Marikina
High skilled employees - since it opened, workers of Elisse has remained loyal and motivated to stay with the company. They are the new breed of shoemakers in Marikina.
Quality shoes produced – products are made from scrap leather.
Innovative raw materials being used – Shoes are made from leather scraps taken from nearby competition and some even in abroad.
Loyal wholesale clients – because of the quality products they produce, Elisse Enterprise already has a regular market locally.

Weak marketing strategy - Elisse Enterprise has not ventured in marketing its products other than that of her existing clients.
Limited market - Since it has not exposed itself much on expos and internet shopping, its market is limited only to their existing ones only.
Low production capacity – since the company is a small business and the number of workers on board, Ellise Entreprise can only produce lower compared to its competitors who are big players in the industry.
Styles dependent on need of distributor - innovation in design is dependent on the design given by client. They have a dedicated person to do this but apparently, the worker is not performing well on his job of producing designs for the company.
Presence of...

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