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SUBJECT: Findings and recommendations for improving A+ Insurance

A+ Insurance Group LLC is a company that has growth rapidly in a short 3 years. In a any given company there is no “one best way” to approach the organizational structure it depends on each organization’s situation for example age, size and type of industry.
In the case of A+ Insurance LLC, and based on data gathered by personal interviews and surveys from management, there is an important aspect of the organization structure that it needs to be addressed.
• The hierarchy flow chart
• Centralized decision making
• Standardized procedures
Hierarchy flow chart: Create a hierarchy flow chart and distribute to everyone so everyone knows the managers and their responsibilities. On the data ...view middle of the document...

Standardized Procedures
Each office manager receives effective training and coordinates their work with other managers in a way that is standard in all branches and is understood by the entire organization. Predetermining what people do and ensure the procedures are followed.
Create an effective flow of information and ensure the information is properly received and all instructions are being carried out. My proposal is to implement a workflow plan in teams where their job is to get feed back and check on the progress periodically. Create an environment away from point blame in a person or group but rather an environment of constant improvement and change, looking forward for an effective outcome.

As the company handles the rapid growth is important that the company don’t outgrown the original design and is imperative that everyone in the organization see the same vision as the owner of the company. For that reason I have recommend to have a direct and effective flow of information, starting with the more basic as the hierarchal flow chart where everyone in the company will know the managers and their responsibilities and the chain of command for the company. The way to structure the company who reports to whom and who has the power to make decisions can affect the employees’ efficiency and the company morale. Fraser Sherman (1999) asserts that “A structure that doesn’t make it clear can leave the employees with a sense of confusion and who to turn to for direction
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