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Organization Paper

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Organizational Impact Paper

Marian Robertson


August 12th, 2014
Paul Sam

Organizational Impact Paper

Riordan Manufacturing Inc is one of the driving firms in plastics injection molding. Riordan has companies in China, Michigan, California, Georgia, Albany and San Jose. The owner of the company is one of the Fortune 1000 enterprises better known as Riordan Industries. The company is distinguished by the imaginative art in designing plastics, which is the company’s innovative skill. The company has earned international recognition because of the design capabilities. One of the major products that Riordan manufactures are the heart valves, custom plastic parts, ...view middle of the document...

Five people started Michelin Tires Corporation in the city of New York. These people consisted of the vice president of sales, an executive vice president, a secretary, a warehouse supervisor and a hired sales representative. In 1907, they purchased the Rubber Company in Milton, New York. In the 1990’s Michelin came with a new type of tire with sensors and had an internal hard wheel that could run good for 125 miles after the puncture in the tire. A light on the dashboard would alert the driver of the puncture of the tire. This was supposed to make customers lives easier and safer. This would also make Michelin a huge amount of money. Michelin built a powerful friendship with Goodyear to take advantage of 40% of tire market with the product. Michelin signed up Mercedes to place the tire on new cars and many other manufactures followed including Honda and Audi. When 2007 came around the product failed and Michelin had to disregard it. Innovation and creativity was not designed together well. The company had neglected to oversee the garages that repair punctured tires and did get them to come on board with them. Michelin did not realize that the garages would need new highly purchased equipment, which they did not have the space or money for this big adventure. By failing to see this product through the eyes of the customer this was a big lost for Michelin. Michelin later also came up with the InnovaGo program, which any one can bring their ideas forward at...

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