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Organization Leader Essay

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Healthcare Organization Leader Interview
Trisha Schrambeck
Grand Canyon University: HCA-455

Several leaders are present inside the healthcare sector, in the clinical side as well as the business end. I was granted an interview with a practice director of a large hospital organization in Colorado. This person’s place inside the organization is to oversee six outpatient clinics, making certain all operate effectively and according to the procedures and guidelines of the medical organization. This director began in the health care field as a clerical member soon after graduation from high school, progressively working her way up to management. Though employed in the healthcare ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, managers designed certain measures to maintain close control even though they have to oversee from a different office. The management personality of this particular manager appears to line up together with a few leadership concepts. One particular leadership concept authoritarian leadership lines up with is management theory. Managing theory concentrates on the reason and function of direction and supervision over subordinates as well as the effectiveness of the team (Lussier, and Achua, 2010). At the same time, another leadership concept, which this individual’s authoritarian leadership style is suggestive of, is behavior theory. Behavior leading concepts is the idea that leadership can be trained. Per the Lewin’s Behavioral Study “the authoritarian leader remained aloof and used orders (without consultation) in directing the group’s activities (Borkowski, 2011). She is currently among the most valued managers in the administration department of this healthcare facility. She contributes several of her management expertise to previous co-workers, which in turn reveals that she might possibly not have had qualities necessary to be a director naturally but instead developed these with time.
The entire authoritarian management type is observed in many areas of her lifestyle, including beyond her managing position. The medical center organization she works in is located in a metropolitan city. However, many of the facilities she oversees are establish in rural regions. Consequently you will find a large underserved community of people treated in these clinics, in which diversity is often a serious problem that managers and staff have to take care of. When the director I interviewed initially became part of this healthcare system, the clinics that she works for now were not associated with the healthcare organization, but instead were separate freestanding clinics. When the healthcare facilities were bought they were not well equipped to handle the population that was brought into the organization. Most of the problems the healthcare facility wanted to handle were centered exclusively on the problems confronted by clinics inside the city. Put simply, the healthcre facility did not look at the needs of the clinics. So that they can change this, the managers and directors became members of the organization’s diversity committee. Becoming a member of this committee meant working to ensure the rural areas she oversees function successfully and are represented in healthcare decision-making actions. She actively works to create diversity programs to profit the rural areas that the clinics are located in. Furthermore, she interprets policies in direct relationship with these areas to ensure that individuals in these clinics are experiencing the very best attention possible and getting satisfactory outcomes from the healthcre system. When she thinks a policy may be viewed unfairly, without a doubt she brings it to the attention of upper...

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