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Organization Behavior Of Bata Essay

2253 words - 10 pages

1. Introduction
1.1. Origins of the Report
As I am a student of BBA department, I have to learn about the Organizational Environment of any existing company. That’s why I have decided to analysis on Bata, the renowned footwear manufacturing company in the world.
1.2. Objectives
* To improve our knowledge
* To make us experienced
* To develop our skill.
* To provide brief information about our analysis
1.3. Scope
* Our time was short
* We are not experienced
* Lacking of available information & data
* Lacking of available reference
1.4. Methodology
To organize this report I selected both major & secondary data. This report has been prepared by ...view middle of the document...

Tomáš Baťa was recognised for his social consciousness: he established housing, cinemas and advancement programmes for his employees. The phrase "work collectively, live individually" is one of his sayings. Baťa recognised the potential of large-scale production, and was often called the "Henry Ford of Eastern Europe". He saw technology as a means of progress, and wanted to make the shoes as cheaply as possible so that the greatest number of people could buy them.
In 1932, at the age of 56, Tomáš died in a plane crash at Zlín Airport (attempting to take off under bad weather conditions) and his half-brother Jan Antonín Baťa became head of the company.
At the time of Tomáš's death, the Baťa company employed 16,560 people, maintained 1,645 shops and 25 enterprises. Most of what Tomáš had built was centralised in Bohemia and Moravia (15,770 employees, 1,500 shops, 25 enterprises) and Slovakia (250 employees and 2 enterprises). The total international contribution to the Baťa organisation at the time of Tomas's death consisted of 20 international enterprises, 132 shops and 790 employees.
2.3. Main Brands
* Bata (Baťa in former Czechoslovakia)
* Bata Premium (handcrafted dress shoes)
* Bata Industrials (safety footwear)
* Bubblegummers (children)
* Power (athletic shoes)
* Marie Claire (women)
* Hush Puppies (Premium) [Hush Puppies is owned by Wolverine Worldwide and not Bata]
* North Star (youth)
* Weinbrenner (Premium Outdoor Shoes)
* Scholl (Popular Comfort category)[Scholl belongs to Reckitt Benkiser & earlier SSL International plc. UK]
* Naturalizer (Premium women category)[Naturalizer belongs to Brown Shoe Co., US ]
* Verlon (Elementary and High School's Students category)[Colombia]
* Sunshine (Elementary and Slipper)[India]

3. Management Functions
The active position of management functions in Bata has been vastly emphasized. This department has been known as the means through which the speedy industrialization and other developmental goals of the business.

Management function



3.1. Organizing
Almost unplanned production turned into production planned in every detail. The decentralized production was replaced by centralized production using full capacity of workforce. The most advanced technical organization of the production process worldwide in the footwear industry was applied.
3.2. Planning
Strategic planning is a method by which companies decide and prioritize tactical initiatives.
Bata's strategic assessments rotate around expansion. Bata's strategic planners are always trying to settle on what fresh markets the company should go into, how to lift market share from competitors and how to promote more clients to use Bata's products.
3.3. Leading
Bata’s executives and managers impose leadership superiority and introduce a ethnicity of performance. They are the major drivers and supporters of the company's performance...

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