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Organization Behavior Case Study

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1. List the fact.
The boss, Mr. Hamid, owner of ESD, who was over 50 years old and an immigrant from Iran. He has experience on his work for so many years, and he founded the company ESD and the company became bigger after several years. ESD is a property management firm. The boss needed Shauna to transfer some accounting information into a new computer program. This job would take about two months.
Shauna was a young student who got a part-tome job in ESD as a bookkeeper, and had worked several times before. The Boss often asked Shauna to work without saying thank you or please, but still sometimes praises her on her works. She thought she had present well on her job.
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Shauna and her boss have different values concerning work.
This might be due to the cultural differences, working experience, working attitude and personality between them. Furthermore they have different ways of attitude and behavior. Belong their different age and different culture but moreover of their previous experience in working.

3. Explain the behavior or situation in the case.
Shauna was a smart girl that she knew how to bargain the salary with her boss, and thought that she could have chances to negotiate after few months. She knew how to fight for her benefit and rights. And she was quite satisfied with her job, before she got fired, but not happy with her boss.
As a company founder, Mr. Hamid had good perspective to expand his career in a short time. Besides, he has his own principle, and it made him a very sucessful person. Speaking of Shauna, she had been an employee all the time. In different postion, Shauna might not be in her boss’s shoe, and couldn’t understand her boss decision.
Shauna thinks that family is more important than work, but her boss...

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