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November 18, 2013
Organization Behavior and Development has been a major topic in every business around the world. It is how every organization is built. The environment in an organization is created by organizational culture, behavior, diversity, and communication. The culture in an organization guides the actions of all the employees through shared values and beliefs. Diversity is the differences in race, gender, ethnicity, and ...view middle of the document...

“You will be working with Tony. He is in the microbiology office; I have notified him that you are going to join him today, he is expecting you. His office is the one next to the stairs.”
I walk out of the office, and head towards the stairs. As I walk in to the microbiology office, I don’t see anyone there, as I step back out to look around the department, I see no one but Noni and the middle aged petit woman. I walk up to Noni and the middle aged petit woman, who is having a conversation about her kids, husbands, and a vacation they had, and showing Noni pictures on her cell phone. As they see me they both quite down and look at me, I walk up to them and say “Sorry to disturbed you but Tony is not in his office.
Noni Replies, “he is probably out for a smoke, just go sit in the office he will be with you soon.” I go back to the office; I sit on a stool as I wait for Tony to come back. I look at my watch 15 minutes pass and there is no sign of Tony. I look at my watch again 30 minutes past, still no sign of him anywhere. I start thinking about the organization and start to observe it. So far in the last 3o minutes I have noticed the lack of leadership and organization. Finally about 45 minutes later he shows up with a red bull in his hand 6’4, skinny, very pale looking guy. Seeing that I was in the office waiting for him, he asks, “how long have you been here?”
“About 45 minutes, Noni said to wait in the office.” I reply
“Yes, I normally go for breakfast after I turn on the machine. It takes about an hour for the machine to turn on.” He says.
I look around the office and it is a mess, there are papers everywhere, culture plates, used culture plates that should be in the biohazard bin. The incubator where the culture plates are placed after streaking them, for the bacteria to grow, is dirty beyond imagination. As I look around the dirty office, he tells me to “get clean culture plates from the fridge.” I do as I am told. I get the new plates from the fridge. As I walk back with the plates the information that I learned in the Organization Behavior and Change (OBC) class goes through me head. If the space is organized it is easier to work, also to find the papers/information that you are looking for. With a cluttered desk it is hard to focus on the work you are doing.
“Let me show you how to streak a culture plate” he says.
I look as he does the first plate, and hand me to do the rest. There were at least 70 more to do, as he is walking out of the office, He says, “be very careful, the plates are very expensive” and he walks out. As I am streaking I make sure I am very careful, by the time I am done with streaking all plates an hour and half has passed and again there is no sign of Tony. As I am waiting, a woman about my age walks in.
“Hello, I am Jamie,” She says. “Disha,” I reply.
“I am Tony’s secretary, I answer calls for him and do any paperwork he needs done, including faxing and copying and calling in the results.” She adds.

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