Organization And Management Of A Health Care Policy

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Organization and Management of a Health Care Policy
HSA 515 – Health Care Policy, Law, and Ethics
August 13, 2015

With lives in their hands, hospitals have to function very precisely, executing high-quality services every hour of every day. Organizations that have this sort of requirement usually take on a vertical organizational structure that is having many layers of management, with most of the organization’s staff working in very specific, narrow, low authority roles. The numerous layers of management are designed to make sure that no one person can throw the system off too much. This structure also ensures that tasks are being done exactly and correctly. Organizational structure ...view middle of the document...

They are responsible for imposing policies and the budget according to the needs of the patients and employees. They are often called the board of directors, executive officers, presidents, and vice presidents. Department heads such as in the chief surgeons and pediatricians can also be considered part of the administrative services.
21st century solutions health care organizational structure

The board of directors is responsible for the overall governance of the affairs of the hospital. Each director is responsible to act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the hospital and in so doing, to support the hospital in fulfilling its mission and discharging its accountabilities. The board participates in the formulation and adoption of the hospital’s mission, vision and values. It oversees the hospital’s operations for consistency with the strategic plan and strategic directions. It receives regular briefings or progress reports on implementation of a regular annual planning cycle. Its other functions include financial oversight, strategic planning and mission, vision and values, quality and performance measurement and monitoring, stakeholder communication and accountability, legal compliance and risk identification and oversight. The hospital administration is responsible for the management and overseeing the operations of various departments such as overseeing budgeting and finance, perform public relation duties and establish hospital policies and procedures. The administration includes the hospital president, vice presidents, executive assistants and department heads. The information services department documents and process information .it also plays a role of admissions, medical records, health education, management of the information system and human resources management. Therapeutic services have several departments such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, respiratory therapy, medical physiology, social services, pharmacy, nursing and sports medicine. The diagnostic services department determines the causes of illness or injury. It includes the medical laboratory, imaging and emergency medicine that provide emergency diagnoses and treatment. The support services department provides to the entire hospital. It includes the central supply department that is in charge of ordering, receiving, stocking and supplies, sterilize instruments or supplies and cleaning and maintenance. It also has the biomedical technology department and housekeeping and maintenance department.
Hypothetical mission and value statement for the hospital
A mission statement should be built around a clear definition of the business management wants to be in and should include guidelines for what the organization would be in the in that business. (Montague, B 1992). The hospital’s mission statement is to participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community. To provide healthcare services in a fiscally...

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