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Organization Analysis

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Water is essential in our everyday life. It is a necessity which must be supplied to each one accordingly. Manila Water Company Incorporation is one of the suppliers of water in Metro Manila being such; it is relevant to study, furthermore to analyze the process on how the company renders service to its customers.

* The entire organization is dedicated to observing the highest standards of corporate governance in order to serve the best interests of the investing public. The board of directors, management, employees and shareholders of Manila Water believe that sound and effective leadership is fundamental to the company’s continued success and ...view middle of the document...

* Commitment to National Development
Manila Water places a premium on loyalty, not only in our relationships and responsibilities, but also to our roots which are the social and civic ground that has nourished and strengthened our enterprise. We purposely translate our commitment to national development into corporate vision and business venture
Organization’s Background
The water distribution network in Metro Manila before 1997 was in bad shape. There were numerous unregistered connections tapped to the city's aging mainlines. Water supply for the growing metropolis was spotty – only a few areas actually experienced 24-hour access to water. And leaks were all over the place.
This situation prompted the Philippine government to enact the National Water Crisis Act in 1995, designed to address the burgeoning population's need for improved water services.
The pragmatic solution was to turn over operation of the network to the private sector. Thus, under a 25-year concession agreement that started in August 1997, the Ayala-led Manila Water Company became the agent and contractor of the government-owned Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System for Metro Manila’s East Zone. The concession agreement also granted Manila Water exclusive rights to the use of land and facilities for the production, treatment and distribution of water, as well as rights to operate the sewerage system.
The East Zone is home to some five million people. It comprises the cities of Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Marikina, most parts of Quezon City, some parts of Manila, and the municipalities of San Juan, Taguig, and Pateros. It also covers cities and municipalities in the Rizal province further east of Metro Manila.

Transformation Process
Taking on the rehabilitation of a largely dilapidated network was a tremendous task. The first five years were far from smooth sailing as the company was besieged with both internal and external challenges. These problems included a currency crisis in 1997, the El Niño phenomenon in 1998, an arduous arbitration process a little after that, and a myriad of political uncertainties on the national front that increased regulatory pressure on the company.
To ensure the survival of Manila Water, the company's management realized that the process of transformation must begin internally - through its people.
Almost 90 percent of Manila Water's workforce is composed of former MWSS employees. They were a key driving force that brought success to the privatization endeavor. With proper training and motivation, the company was able to bring out the best from its employees whose talent and skills had been honed through many years of dedicated service to the MWSS, and now, to Manila Water.
Empowerment was a crucial element in the transformation. While the top management provided general policies and strategic directions, mid-level managers were given a free hand to plan and implement changes in their respective territories....

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