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Organization Essay

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Organizational Structure
September 26, 2011
Tyler Allen

Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure is a way or method through use of hierarchy that a group, organization, business, people or objects, collaborate to achieve success on one common goal. There are three types of organizational structure; functional structure is specialized and grouped according to business functions and skills they require, divisional structure the divisional structure groups each organizational function into a division. Each division within a divisional structure contains all the necessary resources and functions within it, and the matrix structure which is a structure that groups ...view middle of the document...

A positive aspect is employment, At Aldi’s you do not have to have a special degree you just need to be dependable, and a hard worker; Aldi’s start their employees off with one to two dollars more an hour than other grocery stores. These factors are what whelp the functional organization. The company does not have several different employees, the divisional managers brings his concerns to the district and store managers the managers take the problem and the solution to their employees set goals and make it happened.
Aldis vision is to provide their customers with the highest quality groceries at the lowest price. Aldi’s has groceries that are a lot cheaper than groceries found in our post popular grocery stores such as food lion, wegmans, walmart and other grocery stores not only do they carry groceries from time to time they will have other products such as toys, cook ware and other products for a really good sale. Aldi’s is mostly found in lower income areas and this is why they are so popular the company sells affordable grocery. When you go to other grocery stores it can be very expensive and not everyone can afford the groceries that are being sold. That is why Aldi’s is golden in the lower income community obviously Aldi’s is doing something right, you can find their stores all over...

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