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Organizal Structure Paper Outline

637 words - 3 pages

Organizational Structure Presentation Outline
Linda Atkinson, Pamela Booth, Patricia Callander, Tomeka Moore, Whitney Sloan
May 13, 2011
Vivian Perez

Organizational Structure Presentation Outline

I. Introduction
II. Impact of organizational structure on communication
A. Resources and people work together to accomplish goals
1. Organizational chart identifies positions, job title, authority, etc.
2. Shadow organizational structure-informal structure
B. Type of organizational structure used affects communication
1. Types of ...view middle of the document...

Develop evaluation methods to improve employee performance
5. Management self reflection
B. Minimize Conflict
1. Communication
2. Employees completing responsibilities
3. Lead by example
C. If conflict arises…
1. Management interacts with employees
2. Mediator
3. Meeting with parties involved
4. Resolution
V. Ethical issues considered important in today’s health care organization
A. Collection of moral principles that set standards of good or bad….
1. Discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest
2. Care, concern, compassion, community, and confidentiality
B. Individualism view
C. Moral rights view
D. Justice view
E. Utilitarian view
VI. Impact of financial and human resource management
A. Budget elements
1. Training, investments, labor, maintenance, recurrent
B. Financial protective mechanisms
C. Economic Development
D. Financial Resources
E. Work force training issues
F. Three health system inputs
1. Human resources, physical capital, consumables
G. Stakeholders
H. HR issues
VII. Analysis of the administrative process needed to track outcomes and improve quality
A. Registries data systems
B. Plain language
C. Integrated health networks
D. How can registries improve the quality of care?
1. Enhancing the...

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