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Business Management & Organizational Behaviour

Assignment # 2

(Case study 4.1, page-97)

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DATE- 09/06/2011

Question # 1

Why does Conestoga-Rovers and associates and other companies try to create a positive work environment?

Answer – Conestoga-rovers and other companies try to create a positive work environment because it is very important not only for the employees but for the whole company. A positive work environment facilitates a feeling of cooperation, teamwork and joy among the staff. The working environment affects our sense of well-being, health and motivation to go in to work. It is both an employer’s responsibility, and ...view middle of the document...

It has been identified as the best place to work in the waterloo region. The employees are provided with unique employee perks. The company believes in work hard-play hard mantra. The company provides a number of perks to its employees and it includes social events such as jet boating on Niagara River, taking a bus trip to a Buffalo Bills football game, celebrating Roverfest and death-by-chocolate night. It also provides an onsite day care centre. Employees who had completed their 10 years of service are given a company-paid vacation which they can enjoy with their families and last year 44 employees were rewarded with similarly ambitious vacations. It shows that there is very high percentage of employees who have stayed with the company for over ten years. The reason is the company’s dynamic social side, along with a range of unique employee perks which makes the company no.-1 place to work in. The company manages to provide events and perks that employee value because its modus-operandi is to retain and not to recruit. The company saves thousands of dollar as it is one of the best place to work and when an employee joins the company he/she don’t even think to leave it at any point of time because he/she don’t find any reason for doing so. The company provides a positive workplace to its employees and do every possible thing to keep the employees happy and motivated moreover company provides various opportunities to its employees for their growth in the company both professionally. In this way company instead of investing money to recruit new employees invests it in retaining its employees by providing various perks. All the weekly perks provided by company are not too costly, but they make a great positive impact on the employees in terms of motivation. The vacation package which can be considered costly is given to the employees who have given their 10 year service to company, but in 10 year of service that employee must have caused a huge amount of profit to the company which can be multiple times the cost of vacation package given to him. So according to me the company is manages to provide perks by laying more stress on retention than on recruitment.

Question- 3

Is it possible that employees can have too much fun at work?

Answer- According to me employees can’t...

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