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Ahmad is the Sales Manager at Balakong-based furniture maker XYZ.
XYZ sell just over half of their furniture through ‘One Stop Furniture Store’ (OSFS): a retailer with branches throughout Klang Valley. OSFS have told Ahmad that they are embarking on a ‘Carbon Responsibility’ program and will be including the carbon footprint data of their 10 major suppliers in their next customer newsletter. This includes XYZ and their main competitors.

Ahmad explains that XYZ have not undertaken a carbon footprint exercise, but that
they consider themselves to be a green company. OSFS state that of the retailer's 10
major suppliers, XYZ is the only one ...view middle of the document...

Carbon footprinting aims to count the CO2emissions (and emissions of other
greenhouse gases that cause global warming) from an organisations daily activities.

While there is no compulsory requirement for carbon footprinting in Malaysia,
many are establishing carbon trading schemes which will require organisations to
measure and ultimately to pay for their emissions.

The GHG Protocol has become the global standard for carbon footprinting
methodology. There are three ‘Scopes’ under the GHG Protocol:

 Scope One: Direct emissions that occur on a company’s property or from
their assets such as combustion of fuels on-site and emissions from company-
owned vehicles.
 Scope Two: Indirect emissions created directly on behalf of the company in
the generation of electricity or the delivery of energy via hot water or steam.
 Scope Three: All other indirect emissions, including from the supply chain and
customer use, as well as business travel and outsourced production or
For further information and the latest draft of the GHG Protocol see

XYZ carbon data
Ahmad has attempted to collect as much data as possible for undertaking a carbon footprint assessment and sends this to James, along with some explanatory notes about where the data has come from. James also uses publicly available emissions factors for calculations. All of this information is in the attached Appendices.

Case Questions

1. What is XYZ’s Carbon Footprint, broken down into Scope 1, 2 and 3?

2. Which areas of this Footprint rely on estimated data? How accurate do you
think this data is?

3. What further data should XYZ collect in the future to improve the accuracy of
their Footprint?

4. What emissions sources are missing from this Footprint and how should XYZ
collect data on them?

5. Which site is the most energy intensive? How have you calculated this and
why did you choose this method?

Discussion Questions

6. In your opinion, what areas should XYZ target for emissions reductions?

7. From the retailer OSFS’s perspective, how much of this Footprint should they
be considered responsible for as part of their own Supply Chain emissions?

To: James
From: Ahmad
Re: Carbon Footprint Data

Hi James,

See attached all the information I could collect inrelation to our carbon footprint. I don’t know if it is all relevant, and have had to estimate some of the numbers. Let me know what else you need.


Summary of Locations:

Head Office:
CEO; finance; IT; HR; procurement team
Location: Balakong
Floor area: 4950 sq ft
Number of full-time equivalent staff: 12

Location: The Pavillion
Floor area: 2900 sq ft
Number of full-time equivalent staff: 4

Design and Manufacturing Centre
Location: Balakong
Floor area: 7590 sq ft
Number of full-time equivalent staff: 25


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