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Organisation And Management Essay

697 words - 3 pages

Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ari Stenroos
Spring 2013

The idea of this individual assignment is to “convince me of your learning”. The “grade” of your efforts is determined based on the 15 questions. The following key will help you to determine your desirable grade for this assignment:

Minimum of 10 proper answers: 1
Minimum of 11 proper answers: 2
Minimum of 12 proper answers: 3
Minimum of 13 proper answers: 4
14 or more proper answers: 5

So all you need is to pick out 14 questions ...view middle of the document...

Give your own examples of these structures. (Coca-Cola is not an own example.)
3. Learning organisation is often referred in literature as a preferable feature in organisational design. Which kind of reasons there are for the popularity of learning organisation? Explain the main attributes of a learning organisation.
4. Compare decision-making under circumstances of certainty and uncertainty.
5. Analyse yourself in terms of qualifications of a successful manager.


6. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal and vertical integration in the context of retail business.
7. Companies are outsourcing activities. Why and which kind of activities? What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?
8. Give examples of disruptive innovations and their consequences.
9. Blancco ( is the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions. Design three different growth strategies for Blancco.

Team work

10. Analyse yourself as a team player with the help of Belbin test.
11. Use ideas of leadership of thrust to evaluate your leader/s' activities in your 'Menu Design' group work.(related to lecture delivered by Zoltan Toth).


12. The Herzberg approach consists of two different dimension influencing motivation. Explain the two dimensions. Give an overview, what a leader needs to do to satisfy both dimensions. Explain the consequences, if the needs of one dimension are not met.
13. What are the requirements for leadership if the Hygiene factors of an organisation (according to the Herzberg approach) are not according to employees expectations??

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