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Structuring an organization has been in the limelight in recent years. Every organization is addicted to seek one prime means to reinforce management. However, everything is not static, it always tuned to optimal position. Organizations can be defined as systematically arranged frameworks relating people, things, knowledge, and technologies, in a design intended to achieve specific goals (Clegg et al, 2008, 8). This essay will argue that there is no one best way to structure organizations. The reasons for this include that business organization is only a tiny subsystem of the social system, it may be influenced by environment. Moreover, the activities of the organization are in the variable ...view middle of the document...

That is to say, organizations may seek the most appropriate management model, program, or method in the management of different specific conditions. On the other hand, system view provides theoretical basis for contingency theory, from a systemic sort of view, arising for contingency approach means that management theory to the pragmatic direction of a step forward. Hoskisson emphasizes that strategy has been identified as a contingency of organizational structure because an organization needs to fit its structure to its strategy (1987, 635). The key to successful management is to fully understand the situation both inside and outside and has effective response strategies.

Furthermore, organizations may base on short and long terms goals along with current conditions and constant feedback to operate. The core concept of contingency theory is that there is no hard and fast management model in the world. At the same time, Leiponen and Helfat point that when organizations seek to innovate, they must decide where to locate their innovation activity (2011, 641). At present, organizations cannot dominate the market any more, it always relies on preference of customers. So due to uncertainties, organizations may first plan a short term goal. And during this period, it could show some problems about the plan which might utilize feedbacks to deal with them. Considering all of the issues and feedbacks in short time, organizations may set the long term target for the sake of vantage point. It seems that organizations should constantly adjust themselves to seize the opportunity to adapt to external changes. Referring to Lizarralde, Blois and Latunova, environment, technology, age, size, power, and strategy are often considered primary independent contingency factors that affect organizational design (2011, 20). It suggests that a wise leader should be a fickle people, and transform their own style of leadership, depending on the numerous variable factors.

Finally, establishing the competitive strategy should take account of the organizations in which the environment as uncertain times, there are many unpredictable changes to the organization caused unprecedented difficulties. Therefore, currently many of the ideas and strategic thinking should be adjusted accordingly. It is likely that the organization has been difficult to step by step implementation in accordance with their will to develop a good strategic plan. The uncertainties caused by the customer will often leave companies by surprise. In this case, each organization in order to maintain a competitive advantage, have engaged in behavior and attitudes of the realignment in the competition. Pertusa-Ortega et al also mention in their article that decisions about the design of the organization and the competitive strategy of a firm are very...

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