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Organic Is Possible Essay

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“My family doesn’t shop organic. We can’t afford it”, a popular excuse proposed by Lasara Allen, a single mother of California, unfortunately escapes the mouths of thousands of Americans around the country. Most people, when consulted with the term “organic”, instantly weigh the lack of taste and higher cost above the more important fact: health benefits. People of this nature despise the word, understanding the consequences of eating processed food but furthermore overriding the need to change with absurd reasoning, leaving the bad habit to thrive among families. When it comes to the topic of eating organic, most of us will readily agree that it should be a favored lifestyle, in fact it ...view middle of the document...

He is concerned for health reasons as well as environmental reasons. He strongly disagrees with Allen when he writes:
I happen to believe that organic dinner I served my family is healthier than a meal of the same foods conventionally produced, but I’d be hard-pressed to prove it scientifically. What I could prove, with the help of a mass spectrometer, is that is contained little or no pesticide residue—the traces of the carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine distributors now routinely found in conventional produce and meat. What I probably can’t prove is that the low levels of the toxins present in these foods will make us sick—give us cancer, say, or interfere with my son’s neurological or sexual development. (Pollan 700)
Pollan looks further into the future when explaining the health factors of conventional produce, bringing the development of his son into the picture. He boldly presents the contents involved with processed foods and how they can potentially affect the human body. Although Pollan cannot prove that these products enhance the risks of you developing harmful diseases; by stating what most people fear will happen to a child, I think he proposes his point convincingly. It is important to realize the more you spend on food now, the less you will pay in medical fees in the long run.
Eating Organic successfully and not periodically potentially means giving up other insignificant habits in order to make room for the healthier ones. Allen, in a tight spot, trying to overcome her denial of the effects of consuming high-sodium, sugar and cholesterol processed foods, still continues to make up excuses for her family to eat in the most inexpensive way; not to mention, other destructive factors found in most conventional foods that can cause cancer in the long run, known as toxins (according to Pollan),
It’s true to state that you can buy more with a dollar at your normal supermarket than you can at any local Whole Foods or organic market. Allen claims, “what would get us a week’s worth of food at Food Maxx affords us one bag of good at the local natural food store.” While the amount of food seems to be of importance when feeding a family of four, the value of the groceries those bags contain should be of a higher interest. Accustomed grocery stores sell products in high demand, because they are cheap and processed to perfection. Since these products are in high demand, they must be grown and harvested as quickly as possible. How these reengineered farms, otherwise interpreted as mechanical factories, generate this excessive outcome of goods revolves specifically around a simple growth hormone.
Take meat for example, the ordinary beef you snatch from that refrigerated stock pile has most likely been destroyed by some sort of growth hormone during its pitiful life span in order to bulk up rapidly before slaughtered. Furthermore, these cows are not only injected with artificial substances, but also, their...

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