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Organic Consumers Buyer Behaviour Essay

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Table of Contents

Overview of the Industry 1
Resarch methodology & data collection 1
Consumer Behaviour (Introduction to Influences) 2
Internal Influences 3
Motivation 3
Personality 3
Attitudes 3
Perception 4
Learning 4
External Influences 5
Reference Groups 5
Family 5
Indirect reference groups 5
Media 6
Culture & Society 6
Conclusion 7
References: 7

Organic Consumers Buying Behaviour

Overview of the Industry

The global organic food market is one of the fastest growing markets and in 2009 it had an estimated value of $60 billion (Datamonitor: Global Organic Food 2009). The definition of the term Organic Food varies from source to source, ...view middle of the document...

The Agriculture and Food Development Authority stated in a report that just 1% of Ireland's land area is devoted to organic production, which is less than the average 5% of EU land used for organic production (Teagasc Annual Report 2009). However the same source informs that it is Government policy to increase this to 5% by 2012. There are many factors that imapct the Irish organic food market today , the most important ones being consumer interest, promotion of organic food through distribution channels, raising awareness of farmers and food manufacturers of the opportunities of producing organic products, government policy and the economic environmnent (Henchion, O'Riley and Cowan 2003). Looking at these factors , it can be concluded that there is fertile ground for the organic food market (no pun intended) to expand and reach its maximum potential.
Resarch methodology & data collection

One of the most important questions that must be asked while conducting primary research is most definitely the following one: „Are the subjects representative?“ Having this in mind two interviewees were chosen from two different backgrounds, lifestyles and age groups. From now on they will be referred to as Joan and Lisa. Joan is a married woman and has two kids. She is 48 years of age and works in real estate. Lisa, on the other hand, is a Griffith College Dublin business student. She is single and is 20 years of age. These two subjects were chosen to act like representatives of the groups they belong to (social, age, lifestyle etc.), as well as individuals. The subjects were also chosen based on their previous habits of organic products consumption. Joan is a frequent buyer, while Lisa is an occasional buyer and at times is sceptical of the concept of organic products. The interview was conducted in a manner where the subjects were given a series of mostly open-ended questions and were then asked to discuss their viewpoints, perceptions, attitudes etc. This will hopefully result into finding out different viewpoints on organic food consumption, analyizing these differences and gaining insight into how are they related to each other.
The type of research that was conducted was qualitative ; and in depth interview. According to Schiffman & Kanuk (2007) this particular type of research is very useful in finding out the internal (attitudes, personality, motivation etc.) and external influences (culture, society, media, family etc). The same source also states that another advantage of this research method is that the emphasis is on the interviewee, which means that the interviewer acts like a moderator and lets the subject reveal as much information as possible. The main problem while conducting this research was the lack of expertise in this particular field. In other words, the researcher might have not noticed or was not able to fully grasp this task, because it is usually done by professionals who are trained to see „hidden“ attitudes or...

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