Organ Donation Essay

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Pro’s and con’s of organ donation

TEXT 1: We must change the organ donation system – An article written by Denis Campbell, published in The Guardian News.
The narrator Denis Campbell stays very neutral to the issue throughout the whole article and he only seems interested in knowing other peoples opinion. As a result of such he interviewed two different persons and had their opinion on the matter.
Sir Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer in England – States that he wants the current system switched in the UK. He, among many people in the UK thinks change is overdue. The current system for organ donation in the UK have an opt-in system that only allows retrieving of organs ...view middle of the document...

Truog, published in The New England Journal of Medicine.
Robert D. Truog is unlike Denis Campbell giving the reader his own personal opinion on organ donation. He believes that there are three categories of organ donation and each of them carries along ethical concerns which, in his opinion, make organ donation most wrong. He lists the three categories as this: 1. directed donation to a loved one or friend, 2. non-directed donation, in which the donor gives an organ to the general pool to be transplanted into the recipient at the top of the waiting list, 3. directed donation to a stranger, whereby donors choose to give a specific person with whom they have no prior emotional connection.
He claims that the first category leads to intense pressure on the donor. As an example he explains how a donor who is very closely connected to the receiver can feel coerced to donate their organs even though they don’t want to because they feel a pressure from their conscience or their family. That pressure might lead the donor to find some sort of medical excuse so that he/her can escape the unpleasant situation. The problem of that situation is when the donor afterwards feels the conscience tear him/her apart.
He explains how the second category can affect people to do things that are mostly unneeded and stupid. He gives an example where a man was obsessed by the idea of donating everything, from money to organs, to a random stranger. That idea would by many be considered heroic but when the incident makes the donor wondering how he can donate all of his organs in a dramatic suicide it seems questionable… The donor’s motivations of donating organs can also be questioned. Is the donator really into helping another person or is the donor actually just trying to get attention through the media? Compensate for his/hers own low self-esteem? Or is the donor even hoping of becoming involved in the receivers life after the donation? A lot of questions that’s questioning the very meaning of organ donation, to give life to another human.
The third category deals with the ethics of organ donation as an actually good deed from one human to another or a simple and greedy way of getting money. An organ is very expensive and Robert D. Truog questions the donor’s motive of donating organs. He describes organ donation as a “gift of life” and not some common commodity and he’s therefore terrified to see that the whole transplantation community is changing into some kind of market where people are dealing with organs.
The most ethically...

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