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Organ Bans Native American Mascots Essay

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Oregon bans Native American school mascots, images |
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Tika ShouldersSoc. 110 T/Thur. 2:15pmProfessor BlossomNovember 5, 2013 |
Is it honorable or racist to use Native American Mascots in schools, or professional sports teams? Explain your answer in details.
The use of Native American Mascots has been a contentious issue for many years. The exploit of names for sport teams was chosen at time when the dominate group believed that the Native American Indians were a loss and forgotten race. Back in the 20th century Native American tribes were perceived as ruthless, devious, savages, and war-like. According to Joseph Healey (2010) “the persistence of stereotypes ...view middle of the document...

D. Stanley Eitzen (2001) explains “although team names and other symbols evoke strong emotion of solidarity among followers, there is also a dark side to their uses” (p. 48). This is a racial inequality that materializes in our educational system today, therefore, we need to start focusing on the impact that this have on the kids.
Professional sport teams were founded in a period when prejudice and racism was accepted. Back in the 1800’s, tribal names and symbols were used repeatedly to characterize them. Today our professional teams use hurtful Indian brand names and logos, rather than respecting Native American people. Some names like the Braves are hard to define as defensive. But the Braves and the Redskins (the team with the most insulting name) were both originally owned by a well known racist; George Preston Marshall. The Redskins name was opted in 1932 at the same time as the federal Civilization Regulations were still in place. According to J. Gordon Hylton (2010) “the term Redskin was used regularly to refer to Native Americans and not in ways that were flattering” (p.885). Native American Indians found this expression to be extremely cruel as well as demeaning. Basically, this is the equivalent to calling African American people the “N” word. While the expression has appreciatively fallen out of the general use the association remains the same. Not to mention that this billion dollar industry doesn’t even compensate these people for the use of their cultures or names. Professional sport teams, with their mascots and logos are playing in a racist game. The use of Native American imagery is not a respectable way to represent those who have preceded us.

How and why do media stereotypes hurt the identity and self-esteem in children of color?
There are racial differences in the correlation between children’s TV use and self-esteem. Society televises their ideas about the way Americans look and lives their lives through our mass media. Children of color are bleakly affected when they don’t see a positive representation of themselves. Stereotypes can affect one’s self opinion and one’s self-esteem. This presents a big gap between the perceived-self and the ideal-self in our minority children. The dominate group is always portrayed in the media as rich, powerful, strong, and right even when their wrong, while minorities are disregarded; unless entertainers or sport figures are in some type of trouble. But the day to day coverage associated with minorities usually have to do with drugs, death, poverty, and crime. Healey (2012) states that “the assumption that the U.S....

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