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Org Chart Essay

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Organizational Structure and Culture Paper
14 April 2011

Organizational Structure and Culture Paper
An organization is a collection of people working together under a defined structure to achieve predetermined outcomes using financial, human, and material resources. This paper will focus on the organizational structure of Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton (NHCP), how the NHCP structure supports client-centered care, uses information systems, the methods of communications, the decision making-ability, informal and formal reporting lines while looking at issues of power and control, in addition to who the actual leaders are in the organization, how social and cultural influences of the ...view middle of the document...

This is used at the work level. In the main operating room, the registered nurse has a well defined role, as does the surgical technologist, nurse anesthesia and the surgeon, but all are working for the desired outcome of quality care for the active duty military member patient/client. As needed different people will take different roles and offer suggestions and instruction. The military corpsmen are trained to provide emergent operative procedures as they will be the personal on the frontlines in military missions, training they to provide the immediate care needed on the battle filed. The System theory used is an open system, NHCP is a complex organization, NHCP provides a variety of services to treat illness, restore function, and protect wellness.
The structure creates an environment of support for patient/client-centered care by having well defined roles and scope of practice. A complex theory is applied at the bedside, where hierarchy is less important, this is difficulty for many military members. The Nursing staffs are active duty officers; they are responsible for taking care of the patient/client often enlisted personnel. The roles of military members are often very structure and to have a senior person providing care for a junior person requires situational understanding and professionalism. This encourages patient to caregiver information exchange and helps all staff members remember the flow of information among all members of the health-care team is critical to accomplishing our desired outcomes.
The information system uses at NHCP is in step with the culture and organizational structure of the agency. The use of electronic medical charts, paging systems, and on-call services brings the patient/client the best and most modern systems available. The military are often at the leading edge in technology on the battlefield and now leading the way in medical practice. The cost for these services are often debated among taxpayers and congressional leaders, but when asked if the military wound deserve the best care they are quick to say they only deserve the best. Cost cutting and politics at their best.
Communication is a complex and dynamic process according to Sullivan (2009) NHCP uses methods that support culture and organizational system in place at NHCP. Direct lines of communication are encouraged in most military settings; the use of downward communication is often the beginning of each day. The staff has a formal gathering where the days events are stated and the assignments and expectations are clearly stated. Upward communication is required to convey the understanding of the assignments and questions about equipment or special needs of the surgery being performed. Diagonal communication from staff member to staff member is used throughout the day to facilitate patient/client handoffs and operating room turnovers.
The leadership and staff at NHCP have outstanding decision-making ability within the culture and...

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