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Order Handling Processingresponsibility Essay

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Order Handling Processing Responsibility

Customer Services Administrative Customer Services Administrative

Warehouse Personnel Administrative Assistant

Customer Services Administrative

1 Note 1

1. All regular and urgent order from customer will e-mail to Extron Electronic.

2. Customers require to filling up ...view middle of the document...

Otherwise, reject to picker to verify and to pick the correct parts(s).

5. Take weight & measurement of the package / pallets. Annotate the WT and DIM of the packages or pallet on the packing list and forward it to customer services administrative.

6. If all in order, confirm picks & ship in LWMS and generates the Performa invoice, packing list and delivery order. Sign on the pick list as processed the order.

7. Enclose a copy of the Packing list to the boxes or pallets.

8. Due to the destination country custom’s requirement i.e. Singapore, the COO has to be amended to its correct country as shown on the physical parts’ label. This has to be done by to make the necessary changes.

Note: EDI message on all the parts and quantity that have been fulfilled by Extron Electronic is send to our vendor. Vendor will do billing invoice to the customer and replenishment of stock also will based on this EDI message.

Note 4

1. Proceed shipment booking base on the transports mode that customer provide.

1.2 Activate the transport contractor immediately upon receipt of the order. The contractor
has to deliver to the port or terminal base on the trans mode and destination.

Note 5

1. Send the pre-alert i.e Bill of Landing, house way bill or tracking number in order for
Consignee to trace the shipment.

Urgent Order Handling Responsibility

Customer Services Administrative

Warehouse Personnel Warehouse Personnel

Warehouse Personnel

5 Note 1

1. The cut-of for the last urgent orders to Exron Electronic is 1630hrs. all other than that
will be process as following day shipment.

2. Urgent order must process immediately without any delay and ship via courier on the
same working day. The delay will be subjected to the custom clearance and availability
of parts.

1 Note 2

1. Urgent order after 1630hrs will have to be delivered to courier’s hub as cut-off time for
last booking is 1700 hrs.

1.2 Activate the transport contractor immediately upon receipt of the...

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