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|[pic] |Teacher Rubric: Oral presentations |

▪ This is a sample rubric for teachers to assess students’ oral presentations. The criteria are based on the standards for LOTE and Communication.

▪ This rubric is designed to be integrated into a scoring sheet. A complete grading sheet typically has a scoring system attached to performance descriptors, and space for comments.

▪ The criteria, performance levels and performance descriptors are suggestions only and can be altered to suit specific requirements.
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Information was |
| |developed with minimum detail. Information is usually |expressed in own words. Points were developed with |relevant and well expressed in own words. Points were |
| |relevant. |sufficient and appropriate details. |well-organised and developed with sufficient and |
| | | |appropriate details. |
|Ability to engage and involve |Some eye contact was made. |An interesting approach taken to topic. Speaker used |Speaker monitored audience and adapts presentation |
|audience |Techniques used to engage audience were minimal, or mainly|techniques such as visual aids and props, anecdote, |accordingly. An interesting or original approach taken to |
| |ineffective. |surprising facts, direct audience participation. |the topic. Speaker used techniques such as visual aids and|
| | | |props, anecdote, humour, surprising facts, direct audience|
| | | |participation. |
|Suitability of presentation for |Attempts were made to tailor the presentation content to |The presentation content and structure was tailored to the|The presentation content, structure and delivery were |
|purpose and audience |the intended purpose of informing, interesting or |audience and to the intended purpose of informing, |closely tailored to the audience and to the intended |
| |persuading. |interesting or persuading. |purpose of informing, interesting or persuading. |
|Voice: clarity, pace, fluency |Presenter occasionally spoke clearly and at a good pace. |Presenter usually spoke clearly to ensure audience |Presenter spoke clearly and at a good pace to ensure |
| | |comprehension. Delivery was usually fluent. |audience comprehension. Delivery was fluent and |
| | | |expressive. ...

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