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Oracle Database Essay

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Discoverer Plus Database
The Air Force is changing in unique way to make the critical mission more obtainable to logistics technicians. The Air Force has evolved into using more web based systems to process transaction, track assets, and obtain pertinent information. Users have become accustomed to working with different types of bases to get the job done. The one database used more by logistics personnel is the Oracle Discoverer Plus database. In this paper will discuss what is Discoverer Plus, we will breakdown some of its function areas like End User layer (EUL), Business Area, and Folders. We will discuss some feature of Discoverer Plus database, and last, we will provide the dated problems of Discoverer’s Plus database.
Discoverer Plus is one of five parts of the Air Force Supply Central Database (AFSCD). According to AFM 23-110 “Discoverer Plus is an oracle database that provides supply technician and analyst with a user ...view middle of the document...

EUL is a part of Discoverer Plus, it is a layer of information used by Oracle Discoverer to hide the complexities and details of the underlying database. EUL provides a user-friendly view into the data, making it easier and faster to create queries because it organizes the data to reflect particular business areas. With the use of EUL the same data can be used for more than one situation.
Another important part of Discoverer Plus in the Business area, this area is a logical grouping of database tables or views that apply to your data condition. Although some users required data may be the same, the exact combination of tables and views for each element or section is usually unique. With the uses of the administrator function an administrator can tailor the grouping of data to provide you with the proper access to the specific data needed for analysis, decision support, and presentation of results. Business areas are further broken down into eight different areas Inventory, Item Detail, Management, Organization, SRD/RID/I&SG, Support, System, and Transaction History.
The EUL also has Folders; Folders are a collection of related items also called data elements within the business area. Folders are similar to records used by Standard Base Supply System, a legacy system still used by supply personnel still today. Folder are created and defined in the EUL using the Administrator function.
Discoverer Plus is a great oracle database program. But, like everything it could use a couple upgrades. The data is a day old, so all the data you pull is not current or up-to-date. Analysts are working on having current data by having transaction updated seconds after transaction are made. Also, connectivity is another dilemma with this program. Application are slow signing on and processing transaction. Without help from network personnel to make sure enough bandwidth is open to accommodate many users of this program, connectivity will continue to be slow and hinder the mission.
USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. (January 2009). AFMAN 23-110CD Retrieved from

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