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Oracle Essay

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Lecture 1. Introduction. Basic definitions of (OHS) occupational health and safety and life activities In full are the key concepts in health and safety in the following legal and regulatory "Law on safety in emergency situations," "Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan,» etc. Here are some of them that are most often manifested in the practice of any person. Knowing these definitions allow a deeper understanding of the problems associated with the existence of man in the course of employment and other activities. Article 1 of the "Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan" is the following definition of occupational safety - safety system health and safety in the workplace, which includes ...view middle of the document...

, which amassed some experience of system to prepare children to acquire knowledge in any field of activity, based on regulatory and legal approaches to the education of children to work. It can be concluded that the standards should be developed in the field of occupational health and safety, which should include ergonomic, sanitary-epidemiological, physiological, and other requirements to ensure fair working conditions. Therefore, for a person to be created working conditions, including the payment terms, the valuation of labor, working time and rest time, the order matching trades (positions) expansion of service areas, the duties of a temporarily absent employee health and safety, technical, industrial and domestic conditions, and the other on the coherence of the parties working conditions. As can be seen working conditions encompasses various aspects of human society, and respect labor rights, which include relationships such as the expansion of service areas and responsibilities temporarily absent employee. However, these other relationships should be implemented as agreed conditions. Hence it must be

concluded that the contracting parties must find compromise solutions to satisfy them. Safety standards - is qualitative and quantitative indicators, sample conditions, productivity and labor process in terms of organizational, technical, sanitary, biological and other rules, regulations, procedures, and criteria to the health and lives of workers in their employment. Other concepts, definitions, and specific terms of security and labor laws will be discussed in the relevant sections of the study of safety. The main purpose of life safety and health - is to protect people from the adverse effects of human, technological and natural origin and ensure comfortable living conditions. Learning objects of (OSH) and (FSLA) - a man in the process of life, nature and the working environment and conditions, the relationship with the environment, industrial equipment and processes, the organization of labor and production, as well as emergency - rescue and other emergency operations. The subject of operational safety and health (OSH) and fundamentals safety of life activity (FSLA) as a science is the study of working conditions and emergencies aimed at ensuring not only safe working, but also to create favorable conditions for raising them and life. The tasks of the discipline derived from requirements for knowledge and skills of future professionals in accordance with the state standard on the main higher education on their specialty. Safety of life activity (SLA) - a set of measures aimed at safe human interaction with the environment and its protection, sustainability of facilities management in emergency situations, prevention and elimination of consequences of natural man-made disasters, as well as the use of modern means of destruction. Economic objects - buildings, and other structures used in the interest of industrial, agricultural and...

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