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Options For Implementing A Leadership Change

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Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

Gene One has been preparing for a leadership change and this new leadership strategy will be the core in order to make the public offering successful, as Don would have wanted it. Gene One is now an established organization, making a name for itself in its bio-tech industry, and the new wave of change will help make going public everything Don had hoped it would be except more prepared, stronger, and with a more solid foundation. The change strategy, or the “what” will be changed, is the first item for discussion. The next item will be the “how” on understanding the leadership structure and style that will be used in ...view middle of the document...

The cost issue will be one of our top priorities, in fact, the statistics are looking great according to the Director of Finance and he plans to meet with us to give us forecasts on scenarios that could happen, just in case some of you are worried about the economy’s effect on the organization and our decisions.
Leadership Structure and Style
The leadership structure that will be implemented will be diverse, as it always has been, team oriented, communication driven, and energetically motivating. The remaining of the start-up team will remain in their current positions and upper level managers will be selected to be directors of their departments and they will look to hire new managers internally for their old jobs. We need to show these upper level managers that have stuck through thick and thin with Gene One that they are valuable and that there is opportunity at this corporation. We need to start focusing on retention amongst our loyal employees and start reorganizing our entire matrices. We need to think Big Company, Big Dreams, and Big Goals. We need to think about the future of Gene One and not focusing on starting it. We are already past that point and moving into a brighter generation.

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