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Oppurtunity Essay

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Opportunity, upbringing and someone’s background plays a huge role in where the person is heading what they get in life and what they aspire to achieve. I believe where a person comes from matters a great deal, others might disagree with what I believe. I am merely basing this off my own personal experience. It is to my knowledge thus far that where you come from matters, and what you aim for is based off what background you come from. Of course a person might choose many directions but I assure you most base it off their upbringing and or background, either to make a better more suitable life or because they are simply accustomed to their way of life.
Opportunities now are a different thing, for instance a good friend of mine and I took most of the same pre AP and AP classes in high school. I am attending Central Texas College and she is ...view middle of the document...

My family and upbringing is way different my friend was given a car she didn’t start working till she got to college. I had my first job at sixteen and moved out at eighteen and bought my own car and had an apartment and worked for a living for a year. My parents haven’t helped me out the least bit but I understand that they cannot and I do not ask. I work for what I want and sometimes get it. It was a struggle for me to even get into college. I couldn’t figure out financial aid and struggled with the most basic things because I wasn’t taught. My mom didn’t attend college my step dad did but I never learned. So same brain as my friend but because of our upbringing and backgrounds we were awarded different opportunities. So we took different paths.
I shared a home with my two brothers and one other sister and my Mom. We grew up with the bare minimum I didn’t realize it until I was a little older and understood more the difference between my family and the wealthier families. My mom bless her heart was young and had me and my siblings before the age of twenty and she did what she could to make sure we had cloths and food and went to school but she grew up in poverty and she was nieve and didn’t know many things about school and college because she dropped out at thirteen so my upbringing was a little rough and we weren’t drilled about the importance of school and college. So my background and upbringing played a huge role and where I am at in life at this moment.

My friend actually taught me a lot about what i know about college and how to get in and how to fill out my financial aid. I accept within in due time I too will pursue and further my career but due to my circumstances I have to start with what I can afford and what is available to me. I do not regret the journey I am on. What drives me is the fact that I know I am doing this on my own whether or not I succeed in life I will do so knowing I am doing what I can and I have the knowledge that I am doing great for where I come from and how I started.

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