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Opportunities And Threats That Wal Mart Offer

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Wal-Mart provides economic opportunities to many of our families. These opportunities are demonstrated in the affordable prices that Wal-mart has to offer to the American working families who shop at their stores. Without the constant markdown of pricing and the continuous evaluating of the type of customers those Wal-mart services; their tactical plan to produce outstanding services to their customers would fail.Wal-Mart also provides job opportunities to the area they are expanding in. "In 2005, an independent economic impact study by Global Insight, Inc. revealed just how profound an impact Wal-Mart has on job creation in this country; the study showed that there were an additional 210,000 jobs in the U.S. economy in ...view middle of the document...

In return Wal-mart as well as other businesses reduces their independence on the economies of their home nations.Other opportunities that Wal-mart provides are for other businesses to lease spaces in the front of their stores that provide some conveniences to their customers (i.e. Banks and automatic transaction machines, nail and hair salons, and food-courts) to give them the one stop shop feel.Threats that Wal-Mart PossessThreats that affect Wal-mart tactical planning are businesses that oppose Wal-Mart's expansion into their markets and locations. These businesses are afraid of the low prices that Wal-mart provides may take away their customers and maybe soon them having to close their business. Threats that communities have about Wal-mart building in their areas are due to the concerns of crime rates and well as traffic flow increase. Other threats that Wal-mart possess are competition. There are always businesses out there that wants do better than others, who would not. Right now the businesses that possess threat amongst Wal-mart are Target, and Kmart in general merchandising and in the grocery aspect of Wal-Mart is competitors like Kroger, Albertson's, and Winn-Dixie to name a few. This competition is yet to end "Wal-Mart with grocery prices that are 17 to 20 percent lower than other supermarkets, which is a tremendous benefit to low-income families" (Wal-Mart Facts, 2006).Reference:Limra International, Inc. (2007). Tactical Planning. Retrieved on January 28, 2007 from Facts. (2006). Economic Benefits. Retrieved on January 28, 2007 from

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