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Operations Management Essay

5367 words - 22 pages

What is Operations Management?
Joshua Richards
POM 343
Due: 12/11/2013

Table of Contents
Tale of Things to Come 1
Conceptual Model 2
Class Two: What is Operations Management / Productivity, Competitiveness & Strategy 3
Class Three: Forecasting, Aggregate Planning, MRP and ERP 4
Class Four: Product and Service Design 5
Class Five: Capacity Planning, Process Selection and Facility Layout 6
Class Six: Design of Work Systems and Learning Curves 7
Class Eight: Location Planning and Analysis 8
Class Nine: Management of Quality and Quality Control 9
Class Ten: Inventory Management 10
Class Eleven: JIT and Lean Operations 11
Class Twelve: Supply Chain ...view middle of the document...

We broke down the class as a nice introduction to operations management, productivity, and competitiveness. The next two weeks covered forecasting and product and service design. Forecasting was overwhelming at first but is a very important tool for any operations manager. The next 3 weeks covered Capacity planning, work systems and learning curves, and location planning. Lastly we covered quality management, inventory control, lean operations, and last but not least supply chain management. Below you see what I learned and took away from each topic and why I thought they were great topics to learn. This class greatly prepared me for my future as a business owner, an employee, and a person interested in business.

Operations Management
* Performance
* Aesthetics
* Features
* Conformance
* Reliability
* Durability
* Perceived quality
* Serviceability
* Judgmental
* Delphi Method
* Time Series
* Associative Models
* Moving Average
* Weight Moving Average
Inventory Management
* Cycle Time
* Total Cost
* Carrying Cost
* Ordering Cost
* Purchasing Cost
* Finance Strategy
* Marketing Strategy
* Operations Strategy
* Low price
* High Quality
* Short Time
* Newness
* Variety
* Service
* Location
Quality Tools
* Run Chart
* Histogram
* Pareto Diagram
* JIT Operations
* Lean Operations
Conceptual Model

Class Two: What is Operations Management / Productivity, Competitiveness & Strategy
What is operations management? That was the first things that we went over this day in class. This was the first class of us getting to talk about operations management and the first case of the semester. The hazel case was a very interesting one to use as our first case. The woman gets fired from a fortune 500 company. After 8 months of looking she decides she is going to start her own landscaping company. This case really started us off running into applying operational management to a real world example. I like that the first case used service provider over a goods manufacturer. One of the things I learned the first class was that in my opinion, managing a service is more challenging. You have to worry about more things like customer contact, more low-skill workers, less structure, and the fact that performance can be heavily affected by things that are out of the managers control. To me the first class was a little overwhelming for me. Up until I registered for the class I really had no idea what operations management was, and reading the chapters before class gave me a grasp of what I needed to know but I still didn’t grasp how operations management is involved in every aspect of the company. One of the most important things that I learned this first class was the meaning and importance of a SWOT analysis. To me I think...

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