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Table of Content
1. Introduction 2
2. The Nottingham Castle 2
2.1 The layout of Nottingham Castle 2
2.2 The characteristics of the operation in terms of Input 5
2.3 The characteristics of the operation in terms of Output 5
2.4 The characteristics of the operation in terms of 4Vs 6
3. The London Zoo 7
3.1 The general introduction of London Zoo 7
3.2 Outline the characteristics of London Zoo operation on input, output and 4Vs. 8
3.3 Quality performance being affected by input, output and 4Vs 9
4. Problems and recommendations 10
5. Conclusion 10
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1. Introduction
Every organization has its own operating system. In this report, it will compare and ...view middle of the document...

And due to every area consists of its own contents of different types of exhibitions; customers can take different routes with their own needs, the Nottingham Castle can be regarded as the functional layout. As below, it shows the general layout of Nottingham Castle:

Walk past the Robin Hood Statue (No.12), and then enter into the Castle Gatehouse (No. 1). It was the only external gate into the medieval castle, and that is the place to sell a ticket. Meandering through the colourful grounds in Main Path, and then mounting the stairway up, you’ll arrive at the Eastern Terrace and main entrance of the Ducal palace known as Nottingham Castle (No.8). Inside the Nottingham Castle, it’s the Museum and Art Gallery. It will hold exhibitions irregularly with a variety of exhibits. Finish visiting the Museum and Art Gallery, downstairs and walk along with the path, through Medieval Bridge (No.4), the exit is just in front of you. On the way back, if you turn right, you can see the Edwardian Bandstand (No.10) and Albert Ball War Memorial (No.11).

Then we moved into the core part of Nottingham Castle - Museum and Art Gallery. It has five floors: upper floor, upper ground floor, ground floor, lower floor 1 and lower floor 2. Each level separated into several areas with different theme. For example, No.4 is a changing exhibition of highlights of the Castle Collection. It also displays a few of 5,000 objects from the decorative arts collection, like ceramics, glass and metalwork collections, that display in the Study Gallery (No.5). The recommended route can be like this: Enter into the museum, turn right and No. 9 is in front of it. And then it links with South Hall (No.8). Go upstairs through the stairway, and it arrived at the Upper Floor. After finishing visiting No.2 and No.3, go downstairs to the No.4 and No.5. Then you will be back to the Ground Floor. For a period of time, it will change some showpieces in accordance with the different themes. Also in the cafe, it offered a place for customers to take a break to enjoy eating. It's located on the Ground Floor. And if you want to buy some souvenirs, there is a shop opened near the Museum Entrance.

2.2 The characteristics of the operation in terms of Input
One set of inputs is transformed resources. They are usually a mixture of the three – materials, Information and Customers.
The other set of inputs is transforming resources. There are two types – Facilities and Staff. (Slack, 2010)
For Nottingham Castle, who is the Castle’s customer? The answer is the local people and out of towners. Schools and other educational groups, families visited the Castle in an organized way. They cultivate their students’ or children’s individual quality, and let them know the background in all periods. Also, overseas or domestic tourists, and people who have never visited but know of its intriguing and historical place will be attracted to come. The castle is the people’s best choice for they can not only edify...

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