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Operations Management Essay

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Case Study: Matthew Yachts, Inc.
(Process Strategy)

Matthew Yachts, located in Montauk, Long Island, manufactured sailing yachts of all descriptions. The company had begun by building custom-designed yachts for a largely New York-based clientele. Custom-designed yachts still accounted for three-fifths of Matthew’s unit sales and four-fifths of its dollar sales and earnings. Over the years, as Matthew Yachts’ reputation for quality design and workmanship spread, sales broadened to cover all of the eastern seaboard.
In an effort to capitalize on this increased recognition and to secure a piece of the fastest growing market in sailing, Matthew Yachts began manufacturing a new standard, ...view middle of the document...

As a result, many fixed-design yachts were strewn around the yard in various stages of construction. Moreover, space in the existing shipyard was becoming scarce, and a plant expansion of one sort or another appeared inevitable.
1. Should Matthew Yachts, Inc. stay in the business of building standard, fixed-design yachts?
2. If Matthew Yachts does so, how should it continue?
2. Case Study: Southwestern University’s Location Decision
(Location Strategies)
With the steady growth in attendance at Saturday home football games, Southwestern University’s president, Dr. Joel Wisner, had reached a decision. The existing stadium, with seating capacity of 54,000, simply would not suffice. Forecasts showed increasing interest in the program, and complaints by loyal fans and big-money athletic club boosters revealed the need for premium-class seating and luxury amenities not found in a 1950s-era stadium [But the choice of what to do was anything but clear to President Wisner. His vice president of development, Leslie Gardner, had presented three options: (1) expand the existing stadium to 75,000 seats, adding numerous luxury skyboxes and upgrading most of the yardline seats to include comfortable backings; (2) build a brand-new stadium three miles from campus on land, worth about $3 million, donated by a team booster; and (3) signing a 10-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys football team to rent their stadium, 28 miles away, for a fee of $200,000 per game.
Each of these options had clear benefits–yet each had at least one very strong negative as well. Expanding the current facility carried a $12 million price tag, with an annual fixed cost of about $1 million and with a variable cost of about $1 per attendee. If the job were not completed in the nine-month off-period between seasons, the team would be left without a home field on which to play in 2004. This meant reneging on contract dates with powerhouse teams that were signed some 3 to 4 years earlier. Contract violations are not a matter taken lightly in the NCAA or the Big Eleven Football Conference.
Building a brand-new stadium off-campus would yield a plush, state-of-the-art facility, but it had to be named after the donor of the land. It also meant a huge fundraising drive on the order of $40 million by President Wisner, plus likely bond insurance placing a 20-year debt burden on the college’s balance sheet. He tentatively concluded that fixed cost would be in the neighborhood of $5 million per year and variable cost about $2 per attendee.
The third option had definite advantages from the perspective of many, if not most, of the fans who attended the games. A large number already lived in the Dallas—Fort Worth area and would be spared the long commute and horrible traffic jams that always seemed to occur in Stephenville on game days. Clearly, however, students would be unhappy and buses would have to be provided by SWU, for free, to bring students from...

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