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Operations Essay

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My mission is this simulation is to focus on smaller higher margin and fringe market segment. I am also going to market brands in the largest geographic regions and provide global service to my customers.
My relationship with this simulation focused on reactive departments in this simulation. These reactive departments were advertising, human resources and production of my brands, .
I considered advertising individual brands ineffective because the fringe markets would be to costly to tap into. So I choose a basic advertising theme to hit the largest geographic regions. This Ad theme was, I could design computers for everyone's needs. The Ad strategy I will use to reach my fringe ...view middle of the document...

This was approximately a 11 million dollar gross revenue in loss of 2,669 in brand sales. But the over all outcome was decent. I held a 26% total market share verse a 35% market or a 9% difference of a head on head competition. By the fifth quarter I held a 28% share in the workhorse market, a 19% in the Mercedes market and a 86% share in the traveler market.
One of the processes I could have done better in was to holding 5% more of my safety stock in the office master brand. By holding more in safety stock I could moved the monies into designed another brand or I could have increased my pay benefits. I also could have stopped production in three brands bridge master, caddy 2 and office book. This would have relinquished more cash for the gross revenues, pay benefits or adding more sales people. I also would have changed from the Mercedes market segment to the traveler segment of the simulation. I would have sold more units during the last three quarters.
During this simulation, I built my brands based on the customer needs and wants section with 100 points or above with unique names that were easy for customers to remember. During quarters two and three I only built 2 brands. The first brand I build was for the workhorse market segment. It was called Office Master. It was designed and named so I could advertised to the largest geographic regions. I wanted anyone who worked in an office to know it was for them and that it would be a easy transition for them if they bought one for themselves or family home office. I matched the needs and wants of this segment to a 100 points or more. So for the Office Master I put the office applications with office and spreadsheets software I had in stock, and put games on it for fun to use. Then I put in standard computing power because this was a general use computer marketed to large regions, and it kept down the cost for the low price match for the customer needs and wants. Then I installed network/internet connection so it would link with other computers. For the easy to use segment of needs and wants I stay way from science/engineering software. I figured the general populists probably would not want this software and it kept the cost of the computer down. The second brand was called Bridge Master. I named it this because I wanted my sales staff to marketed this brand to architects and engineers. I felt is would be my smaller higher margin market I could tap into by entering the Mercedes segment. The Bridge Master had both office and scientific/engineering software, multimedia accessories for scientific/engineering, a slim rugged portable design, an 10" portable monitor, high performance computing power, expanded hot keys and networking. Going into quarter 3 I designed 2 two laptops with the same features as my desktop brands. Expect I added games to the brand name caddy2 because the sales of Bridge Master in the simulation was not selling as well I hoped. The reason I named it caddy2 because...

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