Operational Management Report

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Arsalan Idrees 13868
Muhammad Saad 12676
Salman 9343s
Talha Idrees 12270
Hamza Nawaz 12378

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Mr. Shafqat Ullah


First and foremost this report would never have been completed without Almighty Allah Pak with His blessing and His power that work within us. We would like to dedicate our work our beloved parents for their unconditional love, unlimited care, unending support, prayers and encouragement.
We are thankful to Mr. Shafqat Ullah. We may not also forget the courtesy, knowledge, guidance and great piece of co-operation from management of Dawn Bread Ltd. We are also much obliged to Mr. Nadeem Khan – Financial ...view middle of the document...

: 92-51-111-111-999
Fax : 92-51-5472652
E-mail: islamabad@dawnbread.com
Farheen Foods Co
G/5 - A, S.I.T.E
Tel. : 92-221-880800
Fax : 92-221-880355
E-mail: hyderabad@dawnbread.com

1500 plus

Mr. M. ATIF JAVED Khan, Advocate,
Chamber No. 6, District Court, LAHORE.

Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited
Askari Commercial Bank LTD
Citi bank N.A.
Crecent commercial Bank.
Faysal Bank LTD.
Habib Bank A.G.ZURIC
United bank LTD


Dawn Bread a name that has come to signify quality and freshness in bread products. A success story that was written by a family that is committed to honest to goodness enterprise and concerned with the prosperity of the country. The enterprise, which made a humble beginning 25 years back, has, grown to capture 40% of the consolidated market share of all bread products in the country, a fact that speaks volumes about the credibility of the company and its products.
Prior to the establishment of Dawn Bread, the largest producer of bread products was the public sector. However, this sector could not cope with the demands of the consumer and this when, perceiving a change in the eating habits of Pakistanis, Dawn Bread was envisioned.
Even in the worst of times, our commitment is to deliver our products 365 days per year. This commitment, mentioned under the constant threat of war, overwhelming poverty and civil unrest, helped the bakery not only survive a tumultuous 25 years in the baking business, but thrive.


The company is committed to the uplift and development of the society as a whole, and participates in sports and social welfare activities. Taking a responsible place in society.
Today, Dawn Bread’s distribution network comprises more than 500 Company owned and rented vehicles that deliver baked foods to more than 25,000 retail outlets daily, making it one of the largest distribution networks for any product in the country. Customers are located in major metropolitan areas, secondary metropolitan areas and rural areas. The fleet runs approximately 50,000 km (31,000 miles) each day to deliver fresh bread.

How has the company manage to grow, especially in an economic and political environment such as that of the Middle East? In one word: foresight. Dawn Bread’s management team recognized early on that to be a contender in the baking industry the company would need to comply with international processing standards. In 1990, the company developed a relationship with Campden & Chorlywood Food Research Association, Gloucestershire, U.K. The association worked with Dawn Bread to bring it in line with globally accepted production, technology, machinery and formulation standards. Hard work and dedication paid off in 2000 when the company received its ISO 9001: 1994 certificate.


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