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Organizational Trends
According to Organizational Behavior (OB, 2005), decision making is defined as the process of choosing a course of action for dealing with a problem or opportunity. There are several steps that occur in the decision making process. First, one must recognize and define the problem or opportunity. Second, one must identify and analyze alternative courses of action and estimate their effects. Third, choose a preferred course of action. Fourth, implement the preferred course of action. Finally, evaluate the results and follow up as required. This process seems to be fairly simple but can become extremely complex when outside factors are considered. As the Information Age ...view middle of the document...

Take stem cell research, for example. Some politicians have refused to support funding stem cell research and have even attempted to set limits on the amount of research to be considered legal. In Maryland recently a bill was introduced to fund stem cell research. Several State Senators attempted a filibuster to prevent the approval of the bill and would have effectively prevented the funding (Berman, 2006). The politicians in this case must make a decision to either support or oppose the authorization of funding for stem cell research. This decision has strong ethical attachments. Should the funding be approved so that lives might be saved in the future? Every senator in Maryland had to make a conscious decision as to whether or not his or her personal beliefs would outweigh the beliefs that the research might someday save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. This is a prime example of the effects ethics have on the decision making process.
Technologies introduced into the workplace are supposed to make things easier for everyone but what happens when technology becomes the problem? As the information age progresses many new technologies are introduced to speed up the process of doing business and simplify once complex tasks. Electronic mail or email is one such tool that has changed the way organizations and individuals communicate. Since its inception into the workplace, the computer has helped companies increase profits by automating processes that once required extensive man hours to complete. While saving time in some places, the computer has also been the cause for reduced production in others. A survey done in 2005 found that 51% of workers though they were productive which was down from 83% in 1994 (Kinsman, 2006). The primary cause for the down turn was excessive email. Many workers complained that they were not trained on how to properly use email and spend a good portion of the day trying to read and respond to emails. Many also noted that they received emails that did not pertain to them simply because the sender hit the ‘Reply to All' and inadvertently sent emails to everyone on the original senders previous distribution list. The feeling of each employee was that he or she could either try to keep up with emails and let production suffer or forego the emails and possibly miss an important message. This, of course leads to...

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