Operational Gap With In Organization And Business Development

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| Consolidated Disposal |
To: Gus Sanchez
Operations Site Manager
From: Angelo Meleandez
Assistant Operations Site Manager
CC: James Castro
Regional Operations Manager
Date: [ 7/9/2012 ]
Re: Operational gap with in organization and Business development

This memo is being forwarded to you in regards to addressing a potential operational gap and limitation of growth with in our organization that needs to be addressed. There is a need to add an outside sales representative to develop and improve existing account possibilities.
In an attempt to analyze current market trends and possible business growth with in the solid waste industry, I have found that ...view middle of the document...

If the need of a dedicated outside sales representative is allowed to continue the company could run the risk of not remaining competitive with in our market and begin to lose profits not to mention the lost of potential market growth.
Determining when the need arises to create a new job position with in our organization, would primarily take the measurement and analysis of the company’s direct need for an outside sale representative in an effort to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. The specific tasks assigned to the outside sale representative would have to be clearly expressed assuring that the correct amount of responsibility be distributed. The new outside sale representative’s assignments would also be expected to meet strict timelines of completion and sales targets by the employee assuming the role with in Consolidated Disposal Ventura Division.

The outside sales representative would be responsible for developing and maintaining profitable relationships with customers on behalf of Consolidated Disposal while actively pursuing new accounts. The new outside sales representative would also be accountable for the increase of sales potential from existing accounts. As the outside sales representative, the new position would be the primary outside representation for Consolidated Disposal as such; expertise knowledge of our business in solid waste disposal, services and capabilities is a must. The outside sales representative would also serve as an educator with in our community, and for our customers. The new position requires the meeting of monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals and revenue for Consolidated Disposal. The position would also be responsible for supporting and promoting the company’s vision and mission.

Responsibilities and Duties

Outside Sales Representative:

* Travel to businesses or other organizations developing sales for Consolidated Disposal’s products and services.
* Maintain contact with current customers and attract new ones.
* Make presentations to existing clients and or new potential clients of our products and services.
* Demonstrate products and service options that would meet specific customer needs.
* Guarantee satisfaction and value to our customers.
* Maintain a personal productivity of three new accounts and or twelve additional services to...

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