Operational Definitions Of Variables Of Wages And Wage Earners

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Decisions in Paradise, Part One
As I take the identity of Nik, it will be my job to help my new organization develop a stronger business presence in Kava. To ascertain what that presence will be, and the steps it will take to make it happen, information must first be analyzed, synthesized, and prescribe the best decision to benefit the organization and the community of Kava (“Decisions in Paradise: How to Be, or Not To Be,” n.d., p. 3).
The business scenario indicates, a number of concerns that need consideration before a decision can be described. To reach the goal of the company we must first address the demographics of Kava. With 50% of the population below 15 years of age we ...view middle of the document...

Environmental obstacles that impede the problem formulation process include Kava’s climate-related issues. To formulate the problem effectively, it is a necessity to dissect the various elements of the problem in a manner that the impact of the problem may be fully understood by the stakeholders involved. To achieve this we can use a cause and effect diagram that presents the main forces of a problem and identify their causes (Langdon, 2001). The diagram would identify the causes to be environment, population, materials, equipment, economic, and organizational effectiveness.
The Decision-Making Process
In cases that display the ineffective response to problems one will most likely find a lack properly enforced skills such as communication, flow of information, proper control within an organization (Paul & Elder, 2006).
As Langdon (2001, p. 27) implies, Critical thinking is applied to the decision-making process through the identification of current concerns and the impact they have on performance.
The concerns in my organization...

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