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Operation Of Restaurant Essay

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1 The operation strategy of “Beijing Baozi”
2 The strategic objectives of “Beijing Baozi”

1 Product design
2 Supply network design
3 Layout and flow
4 Job design and work organization

1 Capacity planning and control
2 Inventory planning and control
3 Supply chain planning and control
4 Quality planning and control

1 Operations improvement
2 Failure prevention and recovery

Doing business on the service field, especially the restaurant ...view middle of the document...

Our strategies are to define the position of the restaurant in Daejeon and make people here know more about Chinese food culture.

2. The strategic objectives of “Beijing Baozi”
Satisfying customer requirements is the number one task of our restaurant. Obviously, there are several kinds of things we would like to do to satisfy customers and contribute to competitiveness.

At first, we want to do things right. This is our first objective-the quality objective. For example, all our products are good; the store is clean and tidy; decoration is appropriate and attractive; and staff are courteous, friendly and helpful.

Secondly, we want to do things fast by minimizing the time between a customer asking for our services and the customer receiving them in full. We consider it as the speed objective. Particularly, the time between customer requiring our foods and receiving them kept to minimum; and the time to deliver foods to customers’ positions kept to minimum.

Third, we want to do things on time in order to keep the delivery promises we make to our customers. This objective will bring a dependability advantage to us. Specifically, we ensure opening hours; and Baozi run out of kept to minimum.

Fourth, we want to be able to change what we do. We can vary some our activities to cope with unexpected circumstances in the future. This is our flexibility objective. For instance, product/service flexibility-we can have the introduction of other Chinese type of foods; volume flexibility-the ability to adjust the number of customers served.

Last but not least, we want to do things cheaply, we will try to serve Baozi at a cost which enables them to be priced appropriately for the market while still allowing for a return to our restaurant. If we can manage this, we will have a cost advantage. It includes bought-in materials costs, staff costs and facilities costs.

1. Product design
Our products are diversified for customers’ choices. In addition to the main menu, we have four kinds of little side dishes for free and they are different for different days. Below is our menu:
• Baozi with pork 1 1000
• Baozi with chicken 1 1000
• Baozi with vegetable 1 600
• Baozi with beef 1 1200
• Baozi with mutton 1 1200
• Stri-fry without meet 5000
• Stri-fry with meet 8000, 12000
[pic] [pic]

• Chinese white spirits drink with alcohol 5000, 8000, 10000
Korean white spirits drink with alcohol 3000, 7000
Beer (Cass, Hite) 3000
Juice (Cola, Sprite) 3000

• Plain rice 1000

2. Supply network design
Our restaurant is located in the central market where is close to Daejeon station and the downtown. Undoubtedly, we have a good opportunity to be close the potential customers for there are a lot of people around in this shopping centre. Our supply network is the first-tier one because suppliers and customers are in...

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